Zyxel/HP GS19xx series switches - requesting advice

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Hey everyone,

I'm about to upgrade my network with my first "advanced" switch. After considering my requirements, I decided one of said 19xx series switch would fit me, however I fail to see the differences between GS1900 to GS1920 devices - all of them are basic, 24GBE port manageable switches if I'm right, with sort of the same switching throughput support. Could you help me out to point out serious differences which would explain the price difference between the bottom and the top line? Thanks for your time,.


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    Hi @alibabakes5

    We're glad that you will take Zyxel switches into consideration for upgrade.
    GS1900 and GS1920 series are both smart-managed switch which can be configured via web-GUI, where GS1920 series provides can more advanced features such as ACL, IPSG, Private VLAN, ErrDisable, etc.
    In addition, the new GS1920v2 series can support NebulaFlex allows you manage from Nebula Cloud Center (NCC).

    Feel free to have some look on our website about their features in detail:

    BTW, this forum is for home devices, for our business model devices, you may seek our biz forum. https://businessforum.zyxel.com/ Thanks!

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    I've been using a GS1900-8HP at home,
    and have been generally pleased with its options and overall operation.

    I'd say that most home users (that are looking for something
    more advanced than your off-the-shelf un-managed switches)
    are probably interested in either VLANS, LAGS, or POE.

    The switch has adequate configuration for each.

    I'd say my only complaint about the GS1900 series is that
    there aren't any 12- or 16-port POE capable versions available.
    The GS1900 series jumps from 8-port POE, directly to 24-port POE.

    (There is a 10-port version listed, however two of the ports
    are SFP ports, which requires additional hardware if you want
    to use the 2 extra ports for RJ45/copper connections.)

    If you're not planning on using POE, and you're looking at the 8-port switch,
    I'd recommend spending the extra $$$ on the GS1900-16 instead,
    so that you have the extra ports available, should you need them later on.