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I'm having problems logging into the default ip address . My Pc says cannot connect and have tried on 3 different pcs and cables but I always got internet if I plug in my Rj45 from wireless router. This is the second one Ive had with the same problem . The light is on saying my Pc is connect . I have uninstalled my Avast Prem and still my PC cannot talk to this network switch. I have reset it and turn off multi times. Any help would be grateful



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    Does your PC have an IP address in the same range as this default IP address? If not, you have to assign a static IP address in the right range to the interface connected to the switch.
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    Hi @Lefty0184

    As @Mijzelf mentioned, you should figure out the IP address of your PC and switch and make sure they are in the same subnet to communicate.

    I have reset it and turn off multi times.
    When you press the reset button over 7 secs to factory-default reset, GS1900 switch's management IP will start with DHCP client in default setting.
    If switch doesn’t receive response from DHCP server, the management IP will then change to default IP ( and will not retry DHCP anymore. 

    BTW, this forum is for home devices, for our business model devices such as GS1900 series, you may seek our biz forum. Thanks!