GS19020-24HP ALM led red but device works

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On my switch, the red ALM led is lit on 2 ports but the peripherals (a Phillips TV and a Sonos connect) work perfectly.
What can I check to correct this problem? I tried with another cable, the led stays on.
Do you have another idea?
Device type : GS1920-24HP
Firmware : V4.50(AAOC.2) | 02/27/2018
Thank you

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    Hi @Elysium

    The ALM red normally relates to switch's hardware anomaly (such as fan speed, MAC/PHY temperature), you can check in status page.

    You may also check the syslog to see if any error/warning log.

    BTW, this forum is for home devices, for our business model devices such as GS1920 series, you may seek our biz forum.