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  • They don't store the logs unless you configure a USB stick to store them on or setup a syslog server.
  • Hi Emily thanks I did make those changes to the SSLVPN port as per the instructions, I added TCP port 10433 Wiz_SSL_VPN object to the Default_Allow_Wan_To_Zywall and changed the port number to 10433 on the SSL VPN Global Setting page. I was testing from my laptop connected to my iphone as a hotspot so maybe that had…
  • Looking at it again I think its these two default rules that are causing it, funnily enough LAN3 wasnt able to route to the others it was only between LAN1 and LAN2 I think. I thought that was because I had to add LAN3 myself as another zone, I guess those two rules should be allow to WAN not any.
  • "If you remove rules LAN

to WAN can you still ping the internet?" I cant really test that now as no longer there but will try that.
  • Hi Peter its a brand new USG 500 FLEX and I am on the latest firmware. A few things were not working quite as they should, I could not get SSL VPN working on port 10433 either even though that service was included in the default WAN to Zywall rule I had to keep it on 433 and even had to put another allow rule for that to…
  • Hi I have got the certificate to import now, I had stupidly downloaded the wrong certificate. I still got the Ajax communication failed error but the certificate imported when I had the correct one selected. Its not the best that it comes up with that Ajax error at all though.
  • Hi Sorry I think you are getting mixed up with my other post regarding the x-frame-header header I have fixed that vulnarability now but the PCI scan is now failing on the x-xss-protection header being missing. Is there a similar command I can run to enable this header?
  • Thanks for the reply but I was able to run the command over the weekend, I think the issue was due to me using the web console.
  • Hi I was able to run the command successfully from a proper SSH window using Putty with no ill effects. Perhaps the router crashed because I was using the web console so wont use that again.
  • Hi can anyone help it seems odd that that command would crash the router, I checked the logs and the router rebooted itself shortly after I entered it. Could it be because I entered the command using the web console in the browser rather than using a proper SSH connection from Putty? I am nervous of trying to run it again…
  • Hi I am getting this come up on our recent PCI scan for our Zywall USG 310 so opened up the web console to type the following commands in: Router(config)# ip http x-frame-options Router(config)# write As soon as I pasted in the first command "ip http x-frame-options" into the console everything froze and the router stopped…