Ajax communication failed

GrahamWebb Posts: 15  Freshman Member
Hi I am setting up a new Zywall USG Flex 500 and have generated a csr and had a new certificate issued for it.  However when I try to import the new certificate I am getting an error.

Ajax communication failed.

In Firefox it justs sits there with 'Import your file...' but the certificate doesnt import.

This happened when I was importing root and intermediate certificates to the Zywall in firefox but after a while I exited and went back in and the certificates were showing in Trusted certificates.


  • GrahamWebb
    GrahamWebb Posts: 15  Freshman Member
    Hi I have got the certificate to import now, I had stupidly downloaded the wrong certificate.  I still got the Ajax communication failed error but the certificate imported when I had the correct one selected.

    Its not the best that it comes up with that Ajax error at all though.
  • Zyxel_Charlie
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    Can you share us the certificate which you imported via private message? We’d like to check if we can see the same error message as your.

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