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  • One possibility is, laptops connect to different APs with different signal strength, and got kicked out due to low signal strength. You can try to disable the "Smart Steering" function under the [Access Point > Configuration > Radio Setting] ? 
  • Is this a sudden case, or regularly happen recently? Especially only one out of eight APs suffering the issue, then I don't this could be the configuration issue. From the time line of the switch log, it's really strange to see Port down/up several times within 1 minute, I think this could be a cable/connector issue... How…
  • What kind of switch you're using? does it support 1Gbps link rate? If yes, try to change another cable, or connect AP to another Switch port to see if anything is improved. Usually 100mbps rate is caused by a broken cable or an error on the switch port.
  • Zyxel has their own private MIB, if you want to check the data traffic amount. You can use the MIB > [ES-Wireless], where you can use "dot11TransmittedPktCount" item to check the value. URL where I Download the MIB File:…
  • I think this is neither IR nor EIRP, the value indicates the power output from the AP's board/chip. Assume it as "X" , so: [IR = "X" - cable loss] [EIRP = "X" - cable loss + antenna gain] Best Regards, Richard
  • Disable FTP is not an issue in my POV, since latest firmware can still be downloaded in official site/download library, so not that inconvenience to me... Especially there some security risk about FTP connection, so it's a good thing that Zyxel takes this into consideration...
  • Could you please try to boot it up with power adapter? Besides, you can also try to press the reset button on the back panel of the AP. If you don't see AP LED blinking/on, this can't directly link to AP's power off. since the LED can be suppression and not shown(configured by previous user). You can reset the AP to…
  • Is the function "Event Logs" what you need? [Directory: Access Point > Monitor > Event Log] Where you can see all the records of device login, time, and related information. But I think the Probe Information isn't included there.
  • You may try to use the Nebula APP to add a device to a new account. I also encountered the same issue before, which is solved by using the APP.
  • From my experience, the request timeout usually means the AP didn't get the response from Server. I think you can check your server settings, such as: 1. Is it added the correct IP address into the trusted client? 2. Did the network policy is set correctly? 3. You can further check if the Server receives the request…
  • Could you please take a picture of your product and show it to us?
  • Network devices usually use LLDP packets to exchange device information with neighbor devices (which are directly connected to each other), so when those APs are connected to VPN50 or managed switch, they can't receive those information from each other (the VPN50 or managed switch learned/received the neighbor information…
  • In my understanding, the Controller won't supply for any login-user inquiries through html. You can only check login user through SSH connection or web GUI. By the way, is there any web front end engineer to help you digest the html file? Just think there should have been lots of discussions and approaches for this…
  • Based on my observation, different vendor's Mesh network aren't usually compatible with each other. (Unless both of them passed the easymesh Certificate of WFA, but usually proprietary approach is more common)
  • Is the APP "net analyzer" on the Android System? I can't find the related APP on Apple store that can check the channel width... BTW, I use My laptop with inSSIDer for above the test I mentioned above.