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  • What model do you use ? (I mean is it an NBG, or NWA/ WAX...Products)? As far as I know, NBG products only support adapter for power up, while NWA/WAX Series products supports PoE function (you can find 802.3at/af in their specification)
    in PoE Comment by Greenlight January 19
  • @hfr_dk Did you try to press the reset button on AP and let it online on NCC again? Think you can try to this way, and see if the issue still remain the same... Just like what I experienced, sometimes when the LED error occurs, it can be solved by reset device.
  • 你AP的IP位置還是192.168.1.2耶,是手動設定的嗎? 還是你是直接把AP開機,就接在控制器上? 如果是後者的話,AP是不會去找控制器的。 看你要不要進AP的設定頁面,給他一個固定IP試試
  • Can your device successfully only on Nebula? If other functions are normal, I'll try to reboot or even reset the AP, and see if the LED works well. (Maybe...just the LED process got interrupted when booting up)
  • 我們的案場也是使用NWA210AX ,前陣子設定160MHz在36頻道,很少有收到使用者的抱怨。有報連線問題的,通常也是有些使用者OS的版本還在比較舊的,不想升級。我們就會「勸說」請他們升版到Android10,後來都算正常這樣。 (我們有些同仁使用三星S9+,也沒印象有報問題)
  • May I know how you recover your device and make it on the Nebula?
  • What issue you've found there? I'm also used NWD6602 before, although there's no issue during the working hour, I still want to avoid any possible issue on my goods.
  • @Cammage08 I'm curious about the reason why you'd like to login to device GUI after moving it to Nebula? Since all settings can be done on Nebula, so far I can't come out if there's any need to login my device. Or is there any management ideas I might missing?
  • One possibility is, laptops connect to different APs with different signal strength, and got kicked out due to low signal strength. You can try to disable the "Smart Steering" function under the [Access Point > Configuration > Radio Setting] ? 
  • Is this a sudden case, or regularly happen recently? Especially only one out of eight APs suffering the issue, then I don't this could be the configuration issue. From the time line of the switch log, it's really strange to see Port down/up several times within 1 minute, I think this could be a cable/connector issue... How…
  • What kind of switch you're using? does it support 1Gbps link rate? If yes, try to change another cable, or connect AP to another Switch port to see if anything is improved. Usually 100mbps rate is caused by a broken cable or an error on the switch port.
  • Zyxel has their own private MIB, if you want to check the data traffic amount. You can use the MIB > [ES-Wireless], where you can use "dot11TransmittedPktCount" item to check the value. URL where I Download the MIB File:…
  • I think this is neither IR nor EIRP, the value indicates the power output from the AP's board/chip. Assume it as "X" , so: [IR = "X" - cable loss] [EIRP = "X" - cable loss + antenna gain] Best Regards, Richard
  • Disable FTP is not an issue in my POV, since latest firmware can still be downloaded in official site/download library, so not that inconvenience to me... Especially there some security risk about FTP connection, so it's a good thing that Zyxel takes this into consideration...
  • Could you please try to boot it up with power adapter? Besides, you can also try to press the reset button on the back panel of the AP. If you don't see AP LED blinking/on, this can't directly link to AP's power off. since the LED can be suppression and not shown(configured by previous user). You can reset the AP to…