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  • The error was there again today without anything being changed on the USG. Yesterday went the game with the settings. Today I did the following steps. Firewall completely off. game doesn't work. security service off. All disabled. Replaced Telekom's DNS server with under LAN 1. Then the game opened. Firewall back…
  • Thank you. :)
  • I have now deactivated the firewall. Did not work. Then I disabled everything under Security Service. Then suddenly it happened. Firewall on again and everything gradually activated and tested. Everything is enabled except IPS is disabled. It's working right now. Let's see how it is tomorrow. The funny thing is. There are…
  • I'm also looking in the Rage Multiplayer log file.
  • Attached is the log file during the error.
  • No, it dosent work. Even if I disable the security policies, this error comes. Is it the switch that is connected to the USG?The computer is connected to this switch. You can also set NAT in the switch.
  • Is this correct so? I have also a Switch GS 1920 8HP behind the USG Flex 100. Is there also a Firewall?
  • Many Thanks. I'll deal with it over the weekend and try it. I'll get in touch.
  • Hello, thanks for the reply. I have read in the log file and on the Internet which ports have to be activated. I set this up and tested it. Unfortunately, the error message remains. Acuh if I deactivate the firewall, this message comes up. It may be due to port forwarding. If I connect our old Draytek, the connection…
  • Hello, that's exactly how our structure is. Of course, it can be that the uplink is low because no client is connected. I will watch for some time if the uplink increases as soon as clients are connected to the AP. Greeting Marcus
  • Hello, thanks for your Reply. It works now. I deactivate the Web Filter and use the DNS Filter now.
  • I tried. I just don't know which WEBSite I have to enter there. Not clear from the message.
  • Thanks very much. That was the solution. I turned off the reputation filter. The USG takes care of this.greetingMarcus
  • I have sent a private Message. Marcus Henning
  • Hello, thank you for your answer. I also implemented the new instructions. My IPTV sends the first 5 seconds. in unicast. Then in multicast. My IPTV also runs for 5 seconds. Then it stops. I think that the USG100 Flex cannot handle multicast and IGMPv3 properly.
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