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  • Well I only want to give Dutch IP addressees access to my server, which is behind an USG210.I want to block all other IP addresses. But with the above suggestion and this video (, it seems that this problem has been solved. Thank you.
  • I am not sure where to select the FQDN object in the NAT rule. Any example available? I can add an FQDN object in a Policy Control. Maybe this is the right way or do I need to enter the FQDN IP in the External IP field myself?
  • Hi, Thanks for your reply.I have made some changes in the past so the USG210 is only accessible within a local network.Cannot figure out what I did, so a user cannot logon through internet.SYSTEM - WWW - HTTPS is set to 443 and is enabled.SYSTEM - WWW - HTTP is set to 8090 and is enabled.Cannot access the USG210 with…
  • hum...I am getting this: Error retrieving the MAC address of the adapterI have installed Win10cap. Maybe it is the wrong one. tracert give: Unable to resolve target system name telnet 21, no go either.
  • Yes I can ftp other sites (using FileZilla), but I just click on the download link here: and nothing happens. Always a time-out from the…
  • I did a full reset on the USG40. After setting the WAN and LAN addresses I did find out that: When setting IDP or Anti Virus to ON via Wizard in easy mode the download drops from 250 to 100. Just setting IDP or Anti Virus to ON in Dashboard screen, there is no download drop. But after a reset there is. Seems to me that…
  • Yes it has. Before using the USG40 the download speed was 250 Mbit/s.Now with the USG40 it's 100 Mbit/s.
  • Any idea where the Cloud service is? I cannot find any info on 'how or where to start'. The app for Android in not working.
  • Yesterday I
received an e-mail that I activated a new service at myZyxel. It's about
SecuReporter_Trail. But I never asked or activated that service. First I thought
that somebody in my name activated that service, but reading Don_W comment, I
see that Zyxel activated that service. Maybe in the future:…