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  • Hi guys,thanks for your replies and suggestions.Unfortunately our USG110 ports are presently fully occupied and we're not able to create another LAN segment with parallel environment via an available unused USG110 port. For that reason we've purchased a FLEX700 instead of a FLEX500 which has not enough ports for us. What…
 No, the converter isn't offline anymore. But you could only convert from an USG110 to an USG FLEX500, but not to an USG FLEX700. I've just already spoken with Zyxel's german branch and they unfortunately confirm that this is not possible. It would also be too difficult to convert to USG FLEX500 followed by a manual…
 Hi Kevin,Thanks for your reply. Since we are not able to reboot our USG110 at any time (because of production system), I've carried out the proposed CLI commands.But after executing "Router(config)# debug anti-virus cloud-query am-cache disable"the query "Router# debug anti-virus cloud-query show" doesn't show any…
  • Thanks st3213, but our USG110 doesn't offer this information. We got only Monitor > UTM Statistics > Anti-Viruswith following screen: The counter of 1212 is only the result of todays MS patchday. All other days of the month we don't experience any virus alerts. Further we've got already purchased a new USG Flex 700, which…
 What file hashes do you mean and where should I get it from? I've got only the entries extracted from system log as provided different times in past. Please advise
  • Hi Kevin,For completion and to keep this concern alive ...: On 28 October one colleague started its computer after a few days off. When Windows starts its automatic update procedure the following virus alert has been announced by our USG110 again: 2022-10-28 10:16:54,,, crit,…
  • Today MS is rolling out its Windows October updates and our USG110 is again reporting and blocking the following aspnetcore and windowsdesktop updates on different machines in our LAN. Once every month this happens again and again ... Affected…
  • Thanks a lot, Cooldia.When will USG Flex 700 be available again? Presently your Zyxel online store shows "out of stock". Also all Zyxel partner shops in Germany have no devices available. Could you predict the availability of new devices in Europe/Germany?
  • I take for granted that we could update from WK25 to WK35 directy, leaving out step WK28, isn't it?
  • Thanks Stanley,But is it guaranteed that also the "last buyer" is getting the full 5 years product support including updates of signatures for the different UTM services? This means, will your contracted main dealers around the world stop the selling of hardware in due course, as soon as Zyxel decides to set an EOL date?…
  • Today MS is rolling out new Windows Updates and we immediately received different A/V Alerts for * aspnetcore-runtime-3.1.28-win-x86 * aspnetcore-runtime-6.0.8-win-x86 * aspnetcore-runtime-6.0.8-win-x64 * windowsdesktop-runtime-6.0.8-win-x86 * windowsdesktop-runtime-6.0.8-win-x64 on different machines. Now this is gone for…
  • Hi Kevin, Please ask your colleague Zyxel_Cooldia. We are in contact in this regard since weeks.
  • We are experiencing false positive A/V alerts for aspdotnet-runtimes and windowsdesktop-runtimes since months. But these A/V alerts are coming only once a month on MS patch day. Zyxel is already dealing with it, had access to our USG, and has tried to exclude the affected files from their signature hashes. Without success…
 Unfortunately not. Beside our own internet access, different of our clients are connecting to our servers for different services.
  • Yes, I'm with you. These permanent WK lab versions do not create trust in the product, especially if an ordinary release will not offered shortly thereafter. It seems customers should be encouraged to change-over to a newer product (like USG Flex). Due to the end-of-life of our USG110 we have to decide what's coming next…
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