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  • Hi @poc2004 As I know the NWA1123-AC v2 hardware is different from NWA1123-AC. I don't think Zyxel sell the new AP, which the performance is poor than the phase out model. There is a video introduce the NWA1123-AC v2 with Tai language, you can select 1080p HD and start at 15:00 with a throughput test.…
  • Hi @dax168 Have you try to use FTP upgrade FW? There is a FAQ show you a way. Is there any message show on the GUI or console log? Winnie
  • Hi @poc2004, Hope this comparison table can help you. Winnie
  • Hi @polhallen , You can consider the USG110 or USG210, which can managed AP max. up to 32 with license and it is also support billing web portal. There is a datasheet of USG 110/210/310:…
  • The second scenario is good for your application. I share my experience for you. The AP at the down-link must detect the up-link AP's signal bigger than -65dBm. Because for the up-link AP, the down-link AP like a client connect it. The down-link AP get the half throughput of up-link AP...for the general wifi use, it is…
  • @GDP Not only consider the AP antenna gain, you have to also consider the station's antenna ability.
  • @CRU_Technologies What's your topology? What's the VLAN application you want? If you have no idea how to set the vlan, maybe you can share the configuration and topology. I can help you check it.
  • Hi @kevin1000 Are you find ZON or ZAC tool? ZON can configure most zyxel device, like switch, usg, AP...etc. ZAC can easy configure multiple APs. You have to enter some personal information, and then you will get the mail from zyxel which has a download link.
  • The AP in the managed mode doesn't has page, you have to configure AP by the controller. You should set the related configuration on the Nebula, not AP page.
  • @Nenday You can also collect the diagnostic info to Zyxel support, it can let zyxel support check any error log on the APs. I usually do that and get the quickly response from Zyxel support. It is my personal experience share to you.
  • The WDS in NCC called Smart Mesh. The AP model support as below:
  • @FrankIversen The NWA1123-AC v2 doesn't support client mode. If you really need the AP support client mode, you can find the Zyxel older model like NWA1100-NH, NWA1121-NI, NWA1123-NI or NWA1123-AC. They all support client mode! I have used one of them before~
  • I shows you the WiFi analyzer screenshot. You can set the same SSID in different APs, and you will find the AP with mac. The tool will show channel, AP output power.
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  • The overlapping signal means your device can hear the signal from some APs in the one location. Assume you stand in the middle of AP-1 and AP-2, you open the wifi detected tool to check the signal. If the wifi tool shows you two AP's signal and BSSID, it means your device in the location can hear two AP's signal. It has…
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  • Have you try to setup the ethernet port as 100Mbps?? There was a related issue in this form. I am not sure if it can help you or not. Just for you reference.