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Zyxel statement about roaming:

To set a roaming environment, APs need to use the same SSID, subnet(DHCP server),security settings and the coverage of these APs is overlapped.

My question is:

Is there a simple way or test to see that the APs coverage is overlapped? And how fare should the overlap be?

It is a simple statement but in my opinion not so simple in practise. I setup my 3 1123 AC HD APs with nebula, is there a tool inside nebula for showing or measuring the overlap?

And again, what should be the right overlap?

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    The overlapping signal means your device can hear the signal from some APs in the one location.

    Assume you stand in the middle of AP-1 and AP-2, you open the wifi detected tool to check the signal. If the wifi tool shows you two AP's signal and BSSID, it means your device in the location can hear two AP's signal. It has overlapping in this location. If you wifi tool only show one of two AP's information, then it has no overlapping. Just increase the output power or move AP closely to let signal has overlapping.

    There are some free wifi tool can detect wireless signal in different channel and you can use the tool to detect the signal between some APs.

    I usually use "WiFi Analyzer" in my Android phone and "inSSIDer" in my windows PC.

  • Thnx for your answer. Am i correct that to do this, i first need to create for every AP a seperate SSID?

    Otherwise i don,t know which AP i see in the wifi analyser tool, correct?

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    Hi @ConnectingIT

    The most of wifi analyzer tool can generally see the MAC address of the SSID, so you can based on those MAC address to realize which AP's SSIDs with signal strength around the environment.

    BTW, the station usually would like to attempt doing the roaming mechanism to connect other AP when the RSSI signal is lower than -65dBm with current connecting AP, so the overlapping edge should not lower than -65dBm to avoid signal too weak.

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    I shows you the WiFi analyzer screenshot. You can set the same SSID in different APs, and you will find the AP with mac. The tool will show channel, AP output power.