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  • Hi @PeterUK 


Because of your help on this topic, we can
find the bug that radio 2.4GHz coexistence not working after reboot and fix in
the firmware V6.25. 

As we said before, for legacy client that
only supports 20MHz can connect to 2.4GHz SSID without compatible problem…
  • Hi @Rashad 


Nebula will also consider your country code
settings to auto adjust the output power. 

Would you like to share us your configurations
for checking further informations? 

Please enable the Zyxel support at Help
> Support request > Invite Zyxel support as…
  • Hi @Michael63 


After confirmed with developer team, this standard
MIB item is default updates with 300 seconds interval on driver as same as your
5 mins description. 

If the browser inquiries after last update
and re-inquiries again right after next updates, it will look like…
  • Hi @PeterUK 


The commands are in the post on April 27
for you to apply on AP by ssh into AP directly. 


If your expectation of the AP is to use
40MHz to provide services at 2.4G, you can use the command to
disable-coexistence after configure channel width to 40MHz.…
  • Hi @PeterUK 


We tested again with V6.20 & V6.25 with
the commands and result are the same as below. 

Before applying commands, the channel width
is 20MHz and link rate is about 200+ 

Then force AP to run channel width 40MHz,
the link rate becomes about 500+ 

Do you…
  • Hi @Michael63 


Noted. We use MIB browser installed on windows
with standard MIB to inquiry ifInOctets. Only one station connecting to AP and
result shows the value increase quickly. Could you confirm if the OID of ifInOctets
is same as our test in the screenshot? If yes, we suggest to setup…
  • Hi @Rashad 


If the AP is WAC6303D-S, there is an
additional value you have to plus. 

For example, power status on Nebula is 22dBm. 

EIRP = 22dBm + Antenna Gain (2.4GHz: 3dB,
5GHz: 4.7dB) + spatial stream (2.4 GHz: 3 dBi; 2x2 MIMO, 5 GHz: 4 dBi 3x3 MIMO) 

The result of…
  • Hi @PeterUK 


If you upgraded firmware, the commands will
not be reserved so you have to apply the commands again. 

We tested the commands with V6.25p1 and it
works fine. 

Could you share your steps for us? Thank



  • Hi @Michael63 


When we released new firmware, the MIB from
Zyxel also included in the zip file for user to use in your applications. 

To ensure server can inquiry the correct
data from AP, we suggest you could give our MIB a try. 

Greenlight pointed out the exact item…
  • Hi @Rashad 


Welcome to Zyxel community. 

The power value on Nebula is not calculated
EIRP, it is the power output from the AP as Greenlight mentioned. 

Thank you 




  • Hi @zbdigital 



請到 設定 > 日誌設定 > 點選使用中的System Log > 編輯 


點選 > 無線 > 將AP Firmware log關閉 

 如果還有其他問題, 都歡迎隨時與我們分享您的使用經驗, 謝謝 



  • Hi @zbdigital 




請提供我們您使用VPN100管理的AP的型號? 我們將協助確認下載失敗的原因 




  • Hi @Flavio 


Nebula system
has been temporarily unavailable due to an outage incident. 

This outage
incident does not affect Nebula devices and their local network services. 

Please refer
to our incident post of community as following link:…
  • Hi @Cossen 


The AP flashing in green and amber is stands
for the stage of boot up. 

As Greenlight mentioned, the LED status can
be configured as suppression. 

Please reset AP by push the button on the
device, with default settings, the LED is on and AP will broadcast SSID…
  • Hi All, We regret to inform you that new firmware
release on 27th September has potential risk to cause client failed
to obtain the IP address while doing intra-roaming within same access point
(5GHz to 2.4GHz and vice versa). Client roaming between different access points
DOES NOT have the same problem.…