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  • Hi @GiuseppeR 


Because CNP provides advanced functions that
are for enterprise models such as WAX630S, thus, SB model doesn’t support it, most
of newer enterprise AP supports as the article mentioned. 


We are not yet have plan to implement CNP
service on 6E APs, we’ll…
  • Hi @GiuseppeR 


The AP Traffic widget in Side-wide
Dashboard shows the usage statistic of the top ten applications used that
provided by Connect & Protect (CNP) service. 


You can refer to the article for detail information
of CNP features and license if you’re interested…
  • Hi hawk 


We’ve received detailed topology that
NWA55AXE is standalone AP mode in your application. 

After discussion, the traffic between lan device
and wireless can be seen just ping is blocked by firewall policy. 

Thank you for sharing how you use NWA55AXE
for us.…
  • Hi @hawk 


From your description, we assume NWA55AXE
is working in repeater mode and acts as wireless bridge to have wired computer
accessing network. If we make any misunderstand please feel free to correct me. 

The root AP should also support wireless
bridge and enable the function…
  • Hi @rmacuda 


Welcome to Zyxel community! 

Sounds you have fully know which channels
are better choice in your environment, then we’ll recommend you can use DCS
with manually select channel pool to deploy. 


After device is online and works in Nebula
mode, the…
  • Hi @RDD123456 


Welcome to Zyxel community! 

NWA1123ACv3 can be used in standalone and
Nebula mode only, not supported controller management such as NXC2500. 

If you’d like to centrally manage device, you
could consider using Nebula to get real-time network information and…
  • Hi @MartyWalter 


Currently, only AP event logs show the voucher
ID when user log in and out like the screenshot. 


Would like to have the feature above
voucher ID show in clients list page and firewall logs? We’ll help to create feature
request for you that showing ID in…
  • Hi @Varoppe 


Thank you for drawing the topology and scenario,
now we get your point! 

After setup smart mesh successfully and all
APs are in service with signal covered area, you would like a seamless roaming
and steering between APs. 


Like you said, smart…
  • Hi @amichelf 


Please check if your APs and laptop
wireless card driver are all upgrade to latest version. 

Then forget/delete SSID profiles on devices
to prevent it keeps previous security method to send the packets. In some
devices, change from different security method without…
  • Hi @PeterUK 


The WAX510D can be managed by USG60W but
NWA1123AC-HD couldn’t. 

Since the title you mentioned WDS, do you
configure WAX510D as root on controller and NWA1123AC-HD as repeater in
standalone mode? 


From the logs, we saw a known issue recently
  • Hi @Varoppe 


Welcome to Zyxel community! 

Using Nebula to manage NWA50AX and build
smart mesh can totally meet your requirement, is free and easily setup by just
one click. 


Here is the step-by-step article for your
reference, do not hesitate to contact us if you…
  • Hi @BBD 


Welcome to Zyxel community! 

Can you provide the model name and which
mode(Standalone/Managed/Nebula) the device is acting? 

We’ll provide the changing password steps for
you after information confirmed. 

Thank you 



  • Hi @Carsten_1234 


According to your description the topology
should be as below, not sure if you have switch or not. 



If your USG FLEX acts as DHCP server, please
configure the DHCP setting on the interfaces to assign IPs. The switch should setup
all VLANs on…
  • Hi @thai 


The most difference between WAX610D and WAX630S
is the antenna as below: 


The WAX610D is equipped with a dual-optimized
antenna that is selectable, allowing the access point to be mounted on the wall
or on the ceiling. 


The WAX630S built-in…
  • Hi @Hary1987 


Like @mMontana provided information,
different country code is based on the regulations of the country and will
impact power but it doesn’t relate to the throughput. Please configure it as your
country to prevent unexpected connection problem. 


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