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  • Hi @Fahrenheit89 


We would like to understand your project
through directly contact with you. And provide you with the best solution for
your scenario, please confirm the information we need in the PM box, do not
hesitate to tell us, thank you 



  • Hi @furkanozbay 


The power value differs in channel width is
designed the regulations. 

In radio 5GHz, the smaller the channel
width, the greater the power. 


We do have several models name with NWA1123, would you kindly provide the whole model name for us? Thank you…
  • Hi @Bellocarico 


Thanks for the suggestions for improvement. 

We’ll help to create idea and feature
request in standalone mode for you. 

If you would like to use this function as
early, you can consider Nebula mode that supports auto detect device hostname
and provides user…
  • Hi @maw 


Welcome to Zyxel community! 

For seamless roaming between wireless network deployment in standalone mode,
you have to setup same SSID profile with same password on two APs. 


The best practice is to ensure 15 to 20% signal
coverage overlap between APs,…
  • Hi @Roudeleiw 


Thanks for providing the information and
after learning your model, we have to have to inform you this AP cannot create
mesh with other brands. 


But if you’re talking about seamless roaming
when both devices can connect to wired Ethernet, normally same SSID…
  • Hi @Roudeleiw 


You can press hardware reset button on the
device for more than 10 seconds. 

Would you tell us more information or the
scenario about the using your WiFi for mesh? 

Zyxel mesh requires at least two Zyxel APs,
one connect to wired as root and another connect…
  • Hi @Fahrenheit89 Yes, at least require two VPN1000 to deploy your scenario. Bella
  • Hi @Roudeleiw 


Welcome to Zyxel community! 

If you want to deploy access point via
wireless to extend coverage, setup mesh on Nebula is quite easy by just one click
enabling smart mesh. 


Here is the scenario and setup guide for
your reference. 

  • Hi @Fahrenheit89 Yes, according to spec, it is. But in real practice, we don't suggest using that many tunnel numbers because performance will not be good. May we know what is the purpose you have to tunnel all traffic to the controller? Thank you Regards, Bella
  • Hi @Fahrenheit89 


Welcome to Zyxel community! 

We’d like know if you already have NXC5500
in hand or we’ll suggest our Security gateway product such as VPN1000/ATP800/USG
FLEX 700 which has AP controller capability and is more suitable for you. Below
information for your reference:…
  • Hi @Klappi 

 You can follow the guide to generate Nebula QR code to register the device to your account by using Nebula APP scanner. How to generate Nebula QR code? If you still have problem, we can help to check the device registered

Please provide the MAC address and serial…
  • Hi @barmalej 


The power is allocated automatically via negotiations. 

Actually, we had some cases of
compatibility issues between different vendor devices, even though switch
states enough PoE but still can’t provide AP required power. 

With this situation, you can feel…
  • Hi @bler 


Welcome to Zyxel community! 

Nebula provides 30-day trial for user to
try out Pro-pack features. 

And if you don’t need the Pro features
afterward, you can enjoy Nebula to manage NWA210AX in base back for free. 

Feel free to let us know any problems…
  • Hi @furkanozbay 


Yes, you’re right! Nebula displays TX power
instead of EIRP. 


We appreciate you’ve used the APP to measurement
for best practice, and we are interested in how you combine Zyxel product with
your applications, welcome back to share your deployment, signal…
  • Hi @furkanozbay 


Actually, the power design is by regulations
that band 4 channels can be larger than others. 

As you mentioned, you would prefer most
coverage so dedicated power service in band 4 channels is fine with your scenario
if you can ignore the interference condition.…
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