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  • Hi @Bigtroll001 Noted, thanks for the information. The symptom shows the bottleneck is from
NR5101 gateway to the internet even settings changed, then we’ll need to collect
debug logs on NR5101 to investigate. Could you provide your Org/Site name for
us and enable the Zyxel support at Help > Support request >…
  • Hi @Bigtroll001 


In the first post you mentioned the DNS on
both mobile router and phone, but the nslookup and trace route looks like not. 

Could you firstly point to DNS to
and test again? 

Thank you 





  • Hi @BestGear 


The recover steps can be operated with official
firmware files which is also the suggested way. 

Could you confirm if you have entered into
debug mode as in below screenshot? 

Commands atna/atns/atnz should run in debug

Thank you 

  • Hi @Wookie 


We’ve download the diagnostic file of AP-Eingang
that both devices had issue when connecting to it. 

The debug message shows the AP had Tx/Rx
issue on radio 5GHz with the devices in some period, and that is why AP
triggered steering to keep providing service for devices.…
  • Hi @Wookie 


If the device switches between 2.4Ghz and
5Ghz, we’ll check signal coverage and the other factors in the environment such
as channel utilization. 

According to the log reason 5 that is
generally regards as station was kicked out by the AP by triggering the…
  • Hi @Lewpy 


There are new features and stability
enhancement in V6.29(ACCV.1) but we don’t receive streaming dropped event so
far. To help clarify the case, please kindly provide some information we

We’d like to know the specification or
capability of Amazon Echo, and…
  • Hi @mat17 


The value is based on your environment, we
suggest measure the devices that need to connect to 2.4GHz SSID can at least
connect above -70dBm. 

You can check at Monitor > Wireless >
Station Info then fine tune the value. 

Thank you 


  • Hi @mat17 


For your scenario, we suggest some ways to
achieve as below. 

Firstly, you can adjust output power of
2.4GHz to a lower value to reduce the distance it can reach. 


Second, you can use Hidden SSID then only
the devices manually create profile advanced…
  • Hi @Bigtroll001 


Both devices signal look fine at the

If you’re both using OiSTER ISP SIM card,
ensure each test connecting to same based station. 

Do a trace route to help clarify
destination IP address, hops information. 


Thank you 

  • Hi @baba 


The fix is included in firmware version
V6.50 which will be soon released. 

Thank you 




  • Hi @Bigtroll001 


If you could confirm two devices are using
same band for example n78, could you get the signal value of RSRP, RSRQ, SINR
and RSSI on each device? 

Or Screenshot web GUI Cellular WAN Status
page including above information let we check it. (access GUI > System…
  • Hi @baba 


You can click on the right of the client
list bar to select the band and channel at Site-wide > Monitor > Clients


Thank you 




  • Hi @Bigtroll001 


Although they both supports 5G NR/4G LTE,
but service band is based on device’s supports frequencies when you did test on
two devices may be not the same. We will consider its really time signal to measure
if the result is expectable. 


And NR5101 is not…
  • Hi @baba 


We checked into the site at different timestamp within a day to confirm the channel status and ensure radio 5GHz works at any time. Our observation is same as previous, AP services 5GHz well but most clients connect to 2.4GHz. Compare to the date before 5GHz radio down event, the result is the…
  • Hi @baba 


We checked into the site again, most clients
connect to radio 2.4GHz and a few event logs with 5GHz. 

Because current power of 2.4GHz is larger
than 5GHz in the radio setting page. 

Could you lower 5dBm of 2.4GHz to help
clients connecting to 5GHz? 

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