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  • Hi @Pook 


The design for Zyxel CNP or CNP+ is to
provide a secure and reliable wireless access for clients. 

CNP mainly provides IP Reputation Filter
and CNP+ provides not only IP Reputation Filter but also Wireless Application
& Optimization. 


If there is a FLEX…
  • Hi @dempie 


Sorry for the late reply, the fix of DPPSK vlan
problem with fast roaming not yet been in time to be released in the version



But good news is the solution has been
found, we can help you…
  • Hi @santomet 


Although we can’t reveal much detail algorithm
here but one criteria is to choose non-DFS channel and previous better channel as
the prior candidate. 

In our internal test, band 1 is quite noisy
so the procedure of DCS will scan all channels we’ve selected in the pool.…
  • Hi @iKP 


The Netconf connection is disconnected
indicated the AP lost connection with Nebula. 

The common cases are DNS can’t resolve Nebula
Control Center domain, we suggest to set to and monitor. 

Rarely some customer’s environment has IP
conflict to cause the…
  • Hi @santomet Welcome to Zyxel Community! The DCS decision mechanism always a topic that user is curious about. We are constantly working to strengthen the functions of DCS in every firmware version upgrade. Not only the BSSID running in the same band will be considered but also other factors will be evaluated such as total…
  • Hi @Nate 


Because there are many non-wifi device also
share the 2.4GHz band and the less non-overlapped channels so radio 2.4GHz has
high interference to cause poor wireless experience. Such as your Nintendo
Switch Lite gets reject might due to the associate process not completed. The…
  • Hi @FreemanJJ 


經過再次確認, 如若AP設定160MHz時, DCS功能是會關閉的, 所以避免使用5G DFS頻道並不會影響, 我們將修改上述回應避免造成誤會。 


三星S9+手機規格支援最高並沒有支援到160MHz的頻道寬度, 我們在廠內使用多款也沒有支援到160MHz的裝置測試是沒問題的, 因此研判三星S9+手機可能未處理在遇到不支援的頻道寬度的無線網路時的兼容性。 



  • Hi @Dzmitry 


Thank you for reporting the observation. 

The command has changed the category, the
current settings is at wlan-slot. If you want to edit radio 2.4GHz the command will be slot1 and 5GHz is slot2. Here is the example for changing the power of radio 5GHz: 

  • Hi @FreemanJJ 



我們想請問您是否有試過將頻道寬度設定為非160MHz後,三星S9+手機的連線結果? 謝謝! 



  • Hi @CHH 


建議您可直接將無線路由器透過網路線與中華電信數據機連接使用。兩台無線路由器需要發一樣的SSID(WiFi名稱)並設定相同的密碼, 只要裝置目前的訊號已低於良好的品質(每個廠牌裝置的門檻值定義不同), 就會發動漫遊掃描, 當偵測到有較好的無線路由器發出更強的訊號時, 就會發動漫遊在切換過程達到不斷線的情境。 




  • Hi @CHH 


很高興收到您來PO文諮詢我們的產品, 您的訊息中提到環境中有鋼筋水泥與輕鋼架, 都是會讓無線訊號衰減的材質, 若想要布建訊號穩定的無線環境, 建議可以在各樓層都至少先安裝一個無線基地台, 並且確保兩台之間有15%的訊號覆蓋範圍, 我們的產品只要有相同的SSID與密碼, 裝置就可以在無線基地台之間漫遊。 


若您沒有需要進階的企業用途如802.1X認證, 那NBG6615 AC1200即可滿足您的需求, 亦或是想升級體驗WiFi 6的產品也可以考慮NWA50AX。…
  • Hi @dempie 


After looking into your settings, we setup
a same environment and the case can be reproduced. 

We’re investigating the root cause and will
fix it asap. 

Before solution released, pleased disable
11r as a workaround. 

Sorry for causing inconvenience and…
  • Hi @bapplegate513 


Our AP’s current implementation is to use
11k to collect beacon reports and organize them into a neighbor list when the condition
matches following two situations. 


a. When the station initiative sends a
neighbor request, AP will send the suggested…
  • Hi @dempie 


Thank you for reporting the observation. 

Please enable the Zyxel support at Help
> Support request > Invite Zyxel support as administrator, and provide
the Org and Site name for us to check. 

We’ll check the conditions and update you once
the information…
  • Hi @bapplegate513 


Thanks for the information. 

From your description, can we say that the
symptom happens after firmware upgrade to V6.25 patch 2 and AP not sending the
report is not always but sometimes? 

We also want to ask about the previous firmware
version that works…