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  • Hi @netdsn, Thanks for the reference link: After studying the behavior of HuaWei, more likely, the switch could process to send inner/outer tagged VLAN from the same switch using VLAN mapping N:1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We'll consider this idea, this post will be transfer to our Idea section, anyone…
  • Hi @netdsn, Welcome to Zyxel Community! Firstly, I would like to remind that VLAN is a data link layer (OSI layer 2) constructs. Yes, VLAN mapping do only supports 1:1 mapping, as if had been configured N:1, the traffic won't be able to determine the way back (which N) to send the traffic. Based on your description, using…
  • Hi @RandomIntern, Yes, because trunk port is the member of VLAN 10, so trunk port will send (TX) tagged VLAN 10. Reminder: You'll need a router to do routing if the clients are communicating with each other from different VLAN. And remember to "Fixed" the port to be member of specify VLAN (ex: VLAN10), because our default…
  • Hi @RandomIntern, In general, This scenario could be achieved by configuring untagged PVID 1 for data and tagged 10 for voip, but you'll need to ensure that the IP phone can recognize tagged VLAN. This can be configured in the switch, but it will not work, because only one PVID can be configured per port. Hope it's clear.…
  • Hi @mMontana, For these requirements, I would like to inform that this is already in our future plan. Please stay tuned. :) In current stage, as @Zyxel_Can mentioned before, we have the following switch which may temporarily fulfill your goal.XS1930 XS3800 XGS1250-12 XGS1010-12 Jonas,
  • Hi @JoshClose, After doing some checking looks fine in my LAB. Just would like to inform that you may need to add "http:// or https://" in front of the URL. Eg. http://google.com If the issue still exists, please help to provide the URL you were using, so I could verify. Jonas,
  • Hi @CCVO, Welcome to Zyxel Community! Regarding the scenario, I assume that your goal is to avoid the 4 PCs to communicate to each other, and could communicate with VPN100 and 3x servers only, if this is the case, you may configure port isolation to achieve the goal. Steps: 1. Advance application > VLAN > VLAN…
    in PVLAN Comment by Zyxel_Jonas April 28
  • Hi @ivessm, Firstly, for the switch offline event. Please download the file in this link for Nebula switch troubleshooting guide. Reminder: Please ensure that there is no IP conflict in the environment. A: The main cause is service port 6667/4335 was blocked, but for detailed you could refer to the Tshooting guide file.…
  • Hi @ADI, Welcome to Zyxel Community! Due to security concern, after creating a site, Nebula will generate a random password for that specific site which you may customize on Site-wide > Configure > General settings. (As figure below) And the password will also be push to the local device. Jonas,
  • Hi @imaohw, Got it. Thanks for the support. Jonas,
  • Hi @imaohw, Yes, unfortunately, after doing some LAB using your configuration. All working fine in my LAB. Regarding this issue, you've mentioned that when slot 2 came back, the master indicator light was off which is odd, and we need to collect the output log from the console to verify if there is any error logs. Just in…
  • Hi @ivessm, You may achieve the goal by configuring a firewall rule setting allowing ICMP packet to device. Path: USG FLEX > Configure > Firewall Specify a source IP and destination to "Device". Jonas,
  • Hi @jwb, We saw that you'd also created a ticket on Zyxel system.We already replied you from the ticket, message as below: Please download our Nebula APP on your mobile phone to scan the QR-code located at the back of the NAP or on the brown box, so the device will register to your organization.This mechanism, is to force…
  • Hi @imaohw, I made a local test using the same equipment and situation, but there is no anomaly in my side. You've mentioned "slot2", just would like to clarify that when the issue happens, did you glance or notice if all slot number in the front panel of 4 XGS3700 are normal? Moreover, if it is convenient with you, please…
  • Hi @NetworkBoy, Welcome to Zyxel Community! Just like @PeterUK suggestion, as GS1200 do only support 802.1Q (VLAN tagging). Regarding your requirements, more simple way is, you will need to configure VLAN on the Asus router to separate the traffic from the devices which already connected through Asus router and GS1200. 

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