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  • Hi @wish2980, 我想確認一下,您手邊的GS1920是v2嗎? 如果是,我認為您目前使用的版本是4.50,再麻煩您升級到我們最新版本4.70P4. 在測試問題是否已解決。 如有問題再跟我說一聲。 謝謝您
  • Hi @SeeSafe, Got it. Step as follows: 1) choose the correct network card on the setting page. 2) Click on the "Clear and rescan" button. You should be able to see a list of devices. 3) Checkbox the devices which you would like to upgrade. 4) Click on "Firmware Upgrade" button. 5) Browse the file where you've downloaded the…
  • Hi @SeeSafe, Yes indeed, the setting page only has those options. The network adapter is to choose which NIC you were currently using. (i.e. wireless) Sorry, could you define the "segment" you've mentioned? Or describe the goal you would like to achieve. Reminder: List of ZON utility features as the figure below. (Attached…
  • Hi @wish2980, 歡迎到Zyxel Community! 關於這問題,我會在PM您,需要您提供一些資訊。 Thanks
  • Hi @Pippin, Thanks for the NIC information. Just would like to clarify, as you've mentioned before I assume that you had forced server NIC and switch port to 1Gb/full, right? not only one side. If not, please help to force both ends to 1Gb and I would like to verify if the link will run on 1Gb. Reminder: Forcing one side…
  • Hi @progbcp, If the host still can ping each other, it means that the switch is forwarding traffic normally and the problem is more related to the application layer. When the issue happens, you may try to clear the cache or temp file instead of rebooting the switch. Thanks
  • Hi @Leicester, Greetings! :) How's it going, may I know if you have the time to do the test last weekend? Thanks
  • Hi @Evert, Welcome to Zyxel Community! :) Yes, the access point will still work, just would like to remind that if some PRO pack features like DPPSK/voucher was bound in the SSID, the SSID will not broadcast after the license expires. Note: You'll need to disable the feature to have the SSID broadcast again. The purchase…
  • Hi @Pippin, Welcome to Zyxel Community! :) According to the cross-test you've made, please correct me if I'm wrong, you've used the exact same network cable and connect to the router, and the link runs at 1Gb. And forcing the switch port speed duplex to 1G/full, there is no link at all, so could I say that there is no LED…
  • Hi @Soeren, Welcome to Zyxel Community! :) May I know if you are encountering some problems while scanning the devices? I've tried it using ZON version 2.1.5, you should be able to scan all 54x devices within the subnet of, range IP that can be used will be - Just would like to…
  • Hi @Leicester, Thanks for the information and the test. Based on the description, while the workstation is not connected to the switch, the issue hasn't happened which means because there is no link to switch anymore. Could you help me check that after the workstation was turned off, is the switch port LED still link up?…
  • Hi @progbcp, Thanks for the information. 1. I mean the quote below, just would like to clarify the application you were using go well at the beginning and the problem just suddenly happens? 2. Thanks, I'll wait for your reply. 3. Ok, noted.
  • Hi @Leicester, Welcome to Zyxel Community! Appreciate for sharing the scenario. Seems that the problem is always happening, I would like to clarify some information below: 1. may I know how did you determine that the switch loses the connection to the router? Is it because NAS online services were interrupted? 2. when the…
  • Hi @progbcp, Welcome to Zyxel Community! :) I would like to clarify the information below to analyze the situation. 1. Are the application running for a while and the problem just suddenly happen? 2. When the host is not visible via explorer, could you still ping the host? 3. May I know if there is a sequence of when the…
  • Hi @KMZ, Welcome to Zyxel Community! Could you provide your organization/site name and please help to activate Zyxel support located at HELP > Support request, so I could have the privilege to check the current settings and status. Thanks Jonas,