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  • Hi @bandchef, Forget to mention you need to connect two connections between your router/modem. One is for Data VLAN and another is for IPTV VLAN. If you only connect one connection (the IPTV VLAN port) between the router/modem and the switch, your other device won't get a DHCP IP address which will cause they cannot be…
  • Hi @bandchef, I forgot that the router/modem would have two connections with your switch. One is for Data VLAN and another is for IPTV VLAN. The "Reserved Multicast Group" will not help you because the IPTV stream is not using the reserved multicast group. Unless your network is full of reserved multicast, you…
  • Hi @bandchef, You will need to separate the date traffic and IPTV traffic to different VLANs to solve this issue. If your topology is similar to the below screenshot, then please follow my recommend setup steps. 1. Please go to Menu > Advanced Application > VLAN > Static VLAN setup to create VLAN 2 (example) and fix two…
  • Hi @Hary1987, Could you also connect your AP to other ports to check if all ports have the same problem or if the problem only occurs on some specific ports? And have you connected other PD to this port that also cannot be powered on?
  • Hi @u3000 May I know why you want to delete your Zyxel account? And I need your confirmation before deleting your account, please check the private message, thanks.
  • Hi @baudetd, Is your requirement a 48 fiber port 1G switch or a 48 copper port 1G switch with fiber ports?
  • Hi @Waffles779, Could you share your switch model and its current firmware version? So I can help to clarify your problem. If you can, please also collect the Tech support file from the below path and PM the file to me. Menu > Maintenance > tech support > All to collect, thanks.
  • Hi @Hary1987, Could you inactive and activate the PoE function of your port and check if still get this error? Please go to Menu > Basic setting > PoE setup > PoE setup to inactive and activate. If still get this error, that means the PoE is malfunctioning. please contact your reseller for RMA.
  • Hi @papu, Thanks for your advice, I will let my team know.
  • Hi @papu, Since the static routing function is in Switch > configure > IP & routing page which is a pro pack feature, your organization needs to be a pro organization before using it.
  • Hi @axxo2009, Do you mean an icon for MS Visio? What is your purpose?
  • Hi @StephenZweig Welcome to the Zyxel community! The DAC cable is not for stacking only. And I'm not sure if anyone has used Zyxel DAC10G-3M-ZZ0103F on Qnap storage, maybe you can wait for other users to share their experiences here.
  • Hi @Hary1987, Could you help to collect Tech support for me to clarify your issue? Please go to Menu > Maintenance > tech support > All to collect and PM the tech support file to me. Thanks.
  • Hi @TAPTech, Zyxel Firewall/AP/Switches on Nebula do not prioritize by DSCP marking by default currently. And cannot manual configure them to prioritize by DSCP.
  • Hi @chris_lin, 了解了。 回答你原本的幾個問題: 1. #1你的理解是正確的 2. #2你的理解也是正確的 3. 我local這邊測試也得到跟你一樣的結果,這代表說我們電腦的網卡是會收下帶tag的封包,才會完成ping。 我另外有拿兩台switch進行測試,發現這樣ping是不會通的。 而你提到作業系統或網卡應該無法識別這個封包才對,這要看每張網卡會不會識別帶tag的封包而定。
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