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  • Hi @Sean_L, Good day. I would like to mention you also can check port status and MAC table on Nebula. Below is the step to check these information. Port status: Please go to Menu>Switch>Configure>Switch ports and you will see the port status of each port. You also can click the bottom which I use red square to highlight to…
  • Hi @chriskim, Welcome to Zyxel community! Do you mean you upgrade firmware and reboot but you can't bootup? If not, may you check is the current boot image firmware 2 or not? Below is the example: If current boot image is firmware 1, you may set the config boot image to firmware 2 and apply. After apply, you may reboot the…
  • Hi @Sean_L, Welcome to Zyxel community! The device is fully controlled by Nebula after device connect to Nebula. That's why you only see 6 entries in local. If you want check port status and MAC table in local, you can login via telnet/SSH and use command "show interfaces status" to check port status and "show mac…
  • Hi @DaveClark, Welcome to Zyxel community! I have check you video, this looks like the firmware or configuration were crashed. You may go RMA process, the contact window is below: https://mysupport.zyxel.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Hope it helps.
  • Hi @mfata, Good day. The country of the device "CO-AP-05" have been changed to Italy. Please help to verify. If there has any question or concern, please feel free to ask.
  • Hi @mfata, Welcome to Zyxel community! This is because the IP was recognized as an US IP when the device first connected to NCC. This can't be changed in front end. We are going to help you to change to right country. I will update when the change is done.
  • Hi imahow, 

We had wrote a notice shows that Anti-ARP scan is only supported in standalone mode in the release note 4.30(AAGC.1)C0. But this notice had not been record in release note 4.30(AAGC.2)C0 because we record what feature had been enhanced/fixed in this patch. We don't record the features which were…
  • Hi @Carlo, Good day. Yes, you are correct. For you second question, MSP pack allow you can use these feature: MSP Portal can show all organizations you have. You can purchase licenses here : https://zyxelwebstore.onfastspring.com/?utm_source=serviceportal&utm_medium=NCC&utm_campaign=licenseMGT To add MSP license, please…
  • Hi @imaohw, Good day. XGS3700 support Anti-ARP scan in standalone mode but no support in stacking mode.
  • Hi @Carlo, Sorry for late reply. You can submit ticket via Pro organization > Help > support request to submit ticket in my case. NCC only have PRO organization, there is no PRO site. Which means if you have 2 site's devices all have PRO licenses and 8 site's devices without licenses, your organization will be Base…
  • Hi @imaohw, Good day. Do you mean you can't find Anti-Arpscan in Advanced Application menu or you can't access Anti-Arpscan?
  • Hi @Carlo, Good day. May you submit a ticket for tracking? We are glad to help you to move all those sites within only one organization. By the way, since you have some organization is Base status, you need to purchase Pro licenses if you want to use Pro feature after moving. Or maybe you move all Pro organization together…
  • Hi @Lens, Welcome to Zyxel community! According to your description, it is because your port 1-3 still use other PVID, so your switch send DHCP discover to your pfSense with the which is not 101, and your pfSense won't send DHCP offer because PVID of DHCP request is wrong. So the solution is to change PVID of port…
  • Hi @Jose_Manuel, Good day. We have mention the last two ports are reserved for stacking only on our handbook. You can see the screenshot below which is captured from our handbook, You also can check it on the link below, it is on page 105: https://download.zyxel.com/XGS2210-28HP/handbook/XGS2210-28HP_2020.1.pdf Hope it…
  • Hi @bozko, I would like to suggest you to use POE time range function. This function can let you automatically ON/OFF POE port in same time at the time you set in schedule. First go to Advanced Application > Time Range to setup a schedule. Below is the example: Then go to Basic setting > POE Setup > POE time range setup to…

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