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  • Hi @CFlores Please help us check if your NWA50AX’s firmware is updated to the latest version - V6.29(ABYW.1). You can see device’s current firmware at this direction: Site-wide > Configure > Firmware management, choose Devices tab. Also, you can choose ‘Upgrade now’ tab to upgrade device to the latest version. Here is the…
  • Hi @eolo Basing on your provided firmware version and VLAN configuration screenshots, we did a test on our XGS1210-12 between port 5 (VLAN 17) and port 10 (VLAN 1, 835) by sending broadcast packets between PC A and PC B. As we observed packet by Wireshark, there are not any packets forwarding from these two stations. In…
  • Hi @BMontiel Once the authentication is expired, the user should input again username and password on captive portal re-authentication page but no need to input WPA key again. May you share more detail of scenario about your request? Best Regards Nami 
  • Hi @Mr_IT_4_Life Could you please let us know how long you didn’t use Nebula APP and being logged out? Best Regards Nami
  • Hi @vining When you add a new SSID on NCC, it will be applied to all APs on the Site, so all APs have same SSID with the same configuration (Security method, Band,..). In the case that you want to have only one SSID on all APs but different bands, we advise that you should add a new SSID with same name but adding remark,…
  • Hi @vining, Thanks for your feedback. We would like to transfer your idea of giving DHCP clients a static reservation into Nebula ideas section. Please check it here >> https://community.zyxel.com/en/discussion/15695/ip-static-reservation-on-dhcp-client/p1?new=1 Best Regards, Nami 
  • Hi @grip PVID configuration is for incoming untagged packets to every port that if NIC doesn’t support VLAN tagging then the switch will add specified PVID on the packets. For Tag Egress/Untag Egress Member configuration, Switch decides whether outgoing frame should carry VLAN tags or not. Regarding to our recent advice of…
  • Hi @grip Thanks for your sharing. We will reproduce the environment with the information of Realtek utility you provided. While waiting for our test, we advise that you may check the packet frame by Wireshark on both hosts to see if the packets sending from these two hosts are really added VLAN 10 tags or not. In addition,…
  • Hi @grip, In reference to the first message specifying vlan protocol 802.1Q id 10 on [email protected] part, we believe that Raspbian Raspberry Pi can support VLAN tag and can send VLAN tag packet. Therefore, we would like to check on Windows if NIC RTL8111H is really possible to add VLAN tag or not, so could you please…
  • Hi @grip, Based on your diagram, VLAN 10 on port 3 and port 7 of Switch is untagged that will remove VLAN tag on the outgoing frame, then and couldn’t reach each other because when the packets came out of Switch, they didn’t carry with any VLAN tag and they should be dropped by end devices on…
Hi @mMontana Sure, we also bring this topic up on USG Wireless Controllers.
  • Hi Tobber, DPPSK currently can’t combine with MAC Address for authentication. However, we would like to thank you for sharing this helpful information, and we are going to transfer your concern to our development team and WLAN Idea section for evaluation. Thanks again for being our companion on the journey of delivering…
  • Hi Tobber, Zyxel offers a cloud authentication method called Dynamic Personal Pre-Shared Key (DPPSK) that providing each device and network user in the same SSID with a unique encryption key. You can easily access this function in Nebula Professional Pack without additional infrastructure. For the configuration steps,…
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