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  • Hi @ScottiYou may have a check L2TP security setting on problem PC.Only left "PAP" option is enabled in L2TP Security setting.And also you can monitor the event log on your VPN100 to make sure client traffic arrived to VPN100 without problem.
    in VPN100 Comment by Zyxel_Stanley June 22
  • Hi @circuitsboard You can have a check it first: (1)Go to Configuration > Object > Auth, Method. Make sure the "AD auth object" added into "default" object. (2) And then access to USG60W login portal page. (e.g. Enter the AD username/password for test. It have to pass first. If fail, you may provide the fail…
  • Hi @infor The connection fail reason seems not come from ATP500. You can result the domain name first by Google DNS server. And then test the route path on ATP500. The traffic lost at the node "". It looks the traffic did not forward continually. The node belonging to Telecom Italia Sparkle S.p.A., We not…
  • Hi @kyssling Did you enable Web Authentication function on your device, and all of "Web Authentication policy" rules are disabled excepted the default rule? You may share the screenshot of Web Authentication full page. :)
  • Hi @mMontana The firmware was released at DEC 2016. :)
  • Hi @Andre_van_der_Hoeven @Carey365If your device by Nebula mode, Nebula schedule maintenance service will send notification when new firmware are available. If your device stay in on premise mode, current Myzyxel portal without notification service for new firmware release.We planing to add this service on Myzyxel server…
  • Hi @Riccardo_Baima In default Web Content Filter and DNS Content Filter, the "Media Sharing" is enabled by default profiles. Once the HTTPS or DNS connection matched category, the CF service will redirect specific block web page to you. Of course the certificate will replaced too. Due to the certificate doesn't match to…
  • It is duplicate thread. You will get answer by the other thread.
    in SBG3600 Comment by Zyxel_Stanley June 14
  • Hi @tlutton The article is for NSG series, so the UI have a little different. If you would like to check L2TP setting for FLEX/ATP series, you can refer to this article first. We will add more scenarios and configuration guide in FAQ in near future. :)
  • Hi @Kv3 New firmware has changed traffic log format to fulfill SecuReporter. Since VRPT has out of service and there is no plan to improve on it any more. Please consider replace to SecuReporter for analyze your network usage.
  • Hi @prakash You can login to Myzyxel.com portal on your browser first. And then kick hyper link portal.myzyxel.com at Configuration > Licensing > Registration page. Browser will redirect device registration page to you. (Serial number and MAC Address will auto field) After clicking submit, device is able register to your…
  • Hi @Momo @Mario @jonatan Have apologize caused your inconvenience about EOL schedule for USG/Zywall series. The EOL has been rescheduled since too short reaction time. The EOL devices list will update in near future. You can check the new version by next couple days. :)
  • Hi @Carlos8 ATP and FLEX series are almost the same, the only different is supporting by different security service.FLEX support: Web Filtering / Anti-Malware/ IPS/ Application Patrol/ Collaborative Detection & Response/ Email Security/ Security Profile Sync/ URL Threat Filter ATP support more services:Web Filtering /…
  • Hi @Kv3 VRPT server has out of maintenance anymore. We advise replace VRPT server to SecuReporter. It could analytic client traffic, bandwidth monitoring, UTM statistics...etc, and the advantage is cloud base service so local syslog server is not required. 
  • Hi @Momo The EOL devices list(End of Life)is in "Support" category of Zyxel home page bottom. End of service is at 24 May 2022. End of RMA & Tech Support is at 16 May 2024. @Carlos8 USG FLEX series and ATP series firewall are the newest firewall products. We offered different hardware level for different network scope.…
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