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  • Hi @elkrust I will send firmware to you by private message.
  • Hi @Niels2021 

You still can achieve your requirement by configure different devices. 

(1) On FLEX500, create multiple VLANs for different SSIDs. (e.g. VLAN10/20 are isolate/ VLAN30 non-isolate) (2) On FLEX500, Enable Intra-BSS Traffic blocking in AP profile
those you would like to isolate. (e.g.…
  • Hi @Hurley Which country are you from? You may contact to local support for discussing your case.
  • Hi @Antares3000 Here is Zyxel Switch setting: Create Static VLAN ID for your requirement. Fixed VLAN ID on the physical port and with tagging out when outputting the traffic. 
  • Hi @Niels2021 

If AP is controlled by ZyWALL series, then there
are many different scenarios in L2/L3 communication. So L2 isolation function
removed from AP profile. 

As your requirement: Wi-Fi client can only access
to Internet but is unable to communicate in layer 2 network. 

  • Hi @Antares3000 You can follow this setting for your requirement. Internet------ATP700(LAN1+VLANs)------(P1)Switch(P2)-------AP (1) On ATP700, you can configure multiple VLANs and bind on LAN interface first. Configuration > Network > Interface > VLAN e.g. VLAN11, VLAN12, VLAN13 (2) Configure VLANs setting on your switch.…
  • Hi @USG_User (1) After changing the admin access port, the port for SSLVPN at SSLVPN Global Settings was changed, too! ---->We have addressed it and will fix it in next FCS version. (2) All security policies were still in place and USG v4.65 hasn't added any additional policies to prevent the SSLVPN access via WAN.Finally…
  • Hi @peterpoon I have send private message to you. You can reply me by click mail icon :)
  • It is duplicate post. Follow it by this thread.
  • Hi @chandan Thanks for share video of your test result.In this video, when SSL inspection is turned on, the almost frames and images are loaded within around 5 seconds. Users may feel few latency comparing to the cases without using SSL inspection. This is because when SSL inspection function is turned on, it will bring…
  • Hi @peterpoon You can send your configuration to me by private message for further check.
  • Hi @Julien_ALM When accessing websites, it may including many frames in the web page. (per frame may include one or more URLs). SSL inspection will exchange all of certificates between these clients and those URL web server during website loading the content to you....more URLs then more busy. If you like, you can share…
  • Hi @Michael_I Current ZyWALL series doesn’t support for scan mail with SSL email.But we have planned to add new service to scan SSL email by external scanning server to block spam mails.The service will luanch before Q1 2022.
  • Hi @chandan Can you take a screenshot of your SSL Inspection profile setting?If you change your setting like it, does speed is getting higher? You can also take a video how slow throughput during access to WebSite.
  • Hi @Rookie 你可以試著照這些步驟看有沒有改善 (1) 設定 > 無線 > 管理 > AP 群組 編輯"default"的設定 把你的SSID加入 無線電1&無線電2 的 SSID 底部把local AP 加入變成成原, 最後按OK儲存設定 (2) 設定 > 物件 > AP設定組合 > 編輯"default"的無線電設定 修改頻道寬度成20/40MHZ 另外簡易模式預設的SSID是綁定在LAN2與OTP的網卡上面 如果OPT與LAN2網段在使用情境上會接上有線網路, 那會建議手動新增新的一個VLAN虛擬區域網卡(不會使用到的VLAN)並將該SSID綁定在該VLAN網卡上

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