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  • Hi both. Thank you for your quick response. I am missing the box with the cable inside, unfortunately. So have to buy one. I have used also this (Cisco Konsolen kabel Serielles Kabel Rj45 auf DB9 & RS232 auf USB (2 In 1) Für Cisco Gerät 1.8m + 1M : Computer & Zubehör). But it is not working either. Can you…
  • Hi everyone. Since the upgrade of my Zyxel USG20W-VPN to firmware version V5.10(ABAR.0) / 2021-09-23 22:23:04 I also receive the "port: p2led has undefined status:orange" message every time I log in. Has the root cause already been identified. If yes, how to get rid of it? Thank you in advance.
  • Hello @Zyxel_Jonas I running the GS1920-24HP v2 in standalone mode, however expecting to have the possibility of exchanging the self-signed certificate independent of the mode (never tried the cloud mode yet). Q3 sounds good to me. Will wait then. Thanks
  • Hi @Zyxel_Jonas as the password is still in cleartext within the backup file, I am wondering when this will be fixed? Problem is on GS1920-24Pv2 running the latest firmware. Thanks.
  • What about GS1920-24HPv2 (see this discussion: Will it be supported or is it also considered as "entry" level?
  • Other question: Do other ZyXEL switches support it?
  • Hello @Nebula_Jonas Thanks for your reply. Do you have a roadmap for this feature? The support for exchanging self-signed certificate is crucial. If it won't be supported in the near future, I have toreturn the switch and look for alternatives. Thanks for your understanding.
  • I just would like to know when the next official firmware for 20w-vpn will be released?
  • Hello @Zyxel_Cooldia , Are you willing to look at my configuration file as well? Apperantly the Wifi-issue is gone for 60w but I am using like @User1 a 20w-vpn model. Let me know and I will send you it via private message. Thank you.
  • Hi @User. Unfortunately I can't say anything in regard to WiFi as after applying the weekly build firmware my IKEv2 stopped working. So I reverted back and disabled the DCS again and configured the channel manually like suggested above by @RapidEye_IT. I will wait now for official release.
  • @RapidEye_IT thank you for your comment. I was reading your suggestion above and did the changes accordingly with no luck. I dare to say that I have technical expertise and was in charge of around 300 ZyXEL USG firewall for almost 7 years - so I know the product. I have to admit that the quality and customer support…
  • I have to agree (unfortunately) with @User1. For months now and after several firmware updates clients are still getting kicked out periodically or can't even connect anymore. This is really annoying. Were are talking here about a device for small/mid size business! Please fix it ASAP. If this problem won't be fixed after…
  • Hi. I had the same challange and did not find any possiblities to do so except to enable client certificate authentication for the log in page (System - WWW). Hope that helps.
  • Hello @Blabababa I think that too. But as the answer was a bit ambiguous I wanted to double check that. Means, I have to buy an additional one (NWA5123AC) for testing purposes to get ZyMesh up and running. Thank you.
  • Hello @Zyxel_Charlie Thank you. Understood. But I am having a ZyXEL 20W-VPN (3 antennas) with a built-in AP which is up and runnig. Do I still have to have a dedicated external AP? Taking your topology I have tried to connect a "Repeater AP" directly to the built-in AP by assigning the ZyMesh-role. It did not work. So if I…