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  • hi @PeterUK for AD server how can I to solve?
  • thank you @PeterUK
  • thank you @PeterUK I need to connect my notebook from home to AD domain in my company. We have a application that need to internet connection to works. from notebook in my home if I do not put tha app does not work with that gateway it works. I'd like that when I connect by SSL VPN my notebook link to AD…
  • hi @Zyxel_Jerry thank you for help. Now I connect by another ethernet port on ISP router. This is my configuration office: and it works. my internal Lan is 192.168.1.xxx - on Wan1 gateway is (ISP router). I configured a SSL VPN and if I use from my home Secure extender with: Server…
  • when I connect Directly pc to ISP router I get (router has DHCP to 190)
  • I'll try it this evening when come back to office. Yesterday I'm try this configuration but this also did not work:
  • hi @PeterUK , my ISP support told me that ISP aethra router has vlan configured inside. Vlan 20 for voice traffic and Vlan 30 for data traffic, these VLAN are trunk and tagged. could this be the problem? this is actual configuration
  • Router has DHCP ON from to 190 if I set normal configuration (router to switch without USG40) and set my pc with dhcp it returns ipconfig
  • hi @PeterUK
  • hi @PeterUK thank you fo replay, and sorry for the late reply, we are very busy with the covid- 19 rules. I am in stan-by with the configuration, what do I do? your directions don't work, am I doing something wrong? thank you
  • hi @PeterUK with does not work... If I ping from pc to I get "nobody reply"
  • hi @PeterUK thank you, this is configuration: Port P1 (WAN) to router Port P4 to switch (and then to PC my pc: but pc does not go to internet with gateway .237 or .238 what am I doing wrong? thank you.
  • hi @PeterUK thank you, can you guide me step by step. thanks for the help and patience.
  • hi, Can someone help me step by step to configure usg40? thank you.
  • Hi @PeterUK thank you fo help. The problem is that ISP router is locked. The internet company installed a router that do not give to me access. When I nedd to open ports or any other I have to call them. Bye