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  • I unfortunately don't have the time to do what you asked. I was able to fix the issue though mostly by enabling Smart Mesh, setting all the APs to the same channel and while this didn't work any better before Smart Mesh, I enabled 160mhz as well. Now with this setup I can consistently get 750Mbit/sec to 940Mbit/sec on both…
  • Roaming is an AP/Client thing. But if you use different APs then they likely won't roam as smoothly. With normal data it will be fine but for Video meetings or WiFi Calling you could have issues. If you only use the Zyxel APs for your WiFi you should be fine.
  • I was just going to post here saying that a device on your network is causing the issue. I'm glad you got it resolved. I will say though having multiple non-managed switches can cause issue on a network. It is usually best to have at leave one so you can setup STP and have one core switch.
  • Hey, You don't need anything special to use the APs and you can surely use what you have now to get started. If you want to utilize 802.11r you will need to use Nebula Cloud Control to set them up. Honestly its the easiest way to configure them and there and many tutorials in this community that it will get you going no…
  • I have similar issues on 2.4ghz on NWA210 APs. They are not performing as they should.
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