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  • Hi @Y_L What's your guest Wifi scenario? Do you mean you don't wanna the guest to access your main site or the guests cannot communicate with each other or else?
  • Hi Is this your network topology as below? -----WAC65502D-S(1)<Root AP> ))) WDS ((( WAC65502D-S(2)<Repeater AP> (LAN port) ----- other devices If so , please refer the link:
  • Hi Which forwarding mode(localbridge or tunnel mode) is configured on the ATP500?
  • Hi It looks like WAC6502D-E AP is already EoL. But as I know the smart antenna design should be suitable for most wireless application scenarios, especially in high-density environment. Because smart antenna technology which calculates the ideal patterns of each antenna to a suitable antenna field combination for each…
  • Hi 能瞭解橋底下的空間的layout的無線服務範圍和有沒有任何材質的障礙物等等? 以及主要無線應用是什麼? 用什麼樣的client, 連線的數量多寡? 有沒有roaming? 如果是原設計, 當其中一台AP有問題, 就可能有roaming coverage上的問題, 而蜂巢式設計, 就還是可以順利roaming到另一台AP. 需要依據這些相關資訊來進行site survey部署AP, 確認訊號和調整channel non-overlapping 或用控制器上的DCS功能來自動選擇channel.
  • As I know, NWA1123NI supports intraBSS blocking or layer2 isolation features are related to guest WiFi. Intra-BSS blocking prevents peeping from associated Wi-Fi clients under the condition that wireless clients are connected using the same AP and SSID. Layer2 isolation is used to prevent wireless clients associated with…
  • Hi According to my previous experience in deploying smart mesh, the repeater AP will build a smart mesh connection based on which AP(root AP or repeater AP) with better signal as your attachment_2_case, then the repeater AP on 3rd floor is usually closer to the repeater AP on 2nd floor, so they will build the smart mesh…
  • Hi You can use AP's IP address of standalone to access its GUI directly or ZAC software to setup and configure the setting as below link:
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  • WAC6553D-E 支援無線訊號以及相關基本有線的功能,它是一台當DHCP client的AP,沒有支援DHCP server 和路由器以及PPPoE的功能。
  • Hi @Usernameisreserved, Yes, WAC6502D-E supports triple mode when using the latest firmware version 5.50, now you can download it on the Zyxel website, so it can run as standalone AP , managed AP and cloud mode. There are more spec information as the following link:…
  • 這裡有提到幾套免費的site survey軟體可以運用: 但通常需付費的軟體,功能上會更全面協助AP部署, 例如: Ekahau 等等軟體
  • Hi @SpaceCowboy Do you have complete diagnostic log for checking? However I see there is a rtls-related logs by you provided (category rtls level alert,), did you enable rtls feature? if yes, is it possible to disable it for testing? 
  • @Supportmand Could you provide the configuration of NXC / USG60/110/310 for checking? and the network topology. What do you mean the same network name on more than one AP? Do you have any screenshot? Do you enable any features like layer2 isolation on the NXC / USG and so on?
  • Or try to use the seamless window(incognito window mode)of Google Chrome to access AP's GUI with your personal username and password, it should also be solved this situation.
  • &#13;As I know , DCS (Dynamic Channel Selection) and 802.11k/v are different feature mechanism separately. enable DCS will help to auto select the best channel at that wireless environment , so for example , there are three APs, DCS with 2.4G will select 1, 6 and 11 non-overlapping channels for 3 APs, AP1 uses channel 1 ,…