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  • Hi @Zyxel_Jeff I am not near the device. I am the administrator of computing but cannot be there for now(long road and a lot of zyxel to patch remotely) this is the only one I cannot patch. Could I try another approach ? Thanks
  • Hi I am also in the same situation. My usg20-vpn was in 4.65 and the upgrade process to 5.36 (ABAQ.2) doesn't work from cloud firmware and local also. Firmware upgrade process stuck and usg20 never reboot to apply it. I need a 5.10 I think to upgrade before. Can someone please send a link to this firmware. I want to…
  • Thanks @Fred_77 I am not physically on the site actually but I wait for Zyxel employee to analyse the problem and probably after that I will do a full clean restart.
  • you are right I have try. Anyway this PRO wifi works only if I set the outgoing interface to other than LAN1. But my requirement is the LAN1 no other one. I really don’t understand why on this device only it is not working. I have installed 6 others atp100w and wifi works as expected. Thanks for your time 
  • Yes EFFERV_INVITE is OPEN and is outgoing on DMZ whit an ip of And EFFERV_PRO is WPA2_Personnal wifi outgoing on LAN1 with an ip of
  • yes it is allowed and cable (RJ45) computer works well.
  • Yes filtered for Wireless LAN and there is nothing about DHCP for this computer where i do wifi test.
  • Hi @Zyxel_Emily I just sent the config file. Thanks
  • Hi yes it is embedded Wifi in the ATP100W. Pro SSID has parent Zone Lan1 And Guest DMZ for now ( I have tried everything this week-end) DHCP Server is like this : System Log show this : I don't really understand the errors. Today I just ask someone on the site to try it next to zyxel but same thing. If you have idea...…
  • Thanks for your answer. Can you explain where I must check bridge and Vlan in atp100w 5.30 ? Strange thing is on anothers atp100w wifi part is easy as it should. I check vlan and bridge and there nothing configured on the problematic atp100w and nothing also on a working atp100w I doesn’t really understand the problem
  • Hi today a new discovery. Actually my pro wifi is set to interface lan1 which is the same as rj45 network with dhcp server enable on this interface. If I put lan2 in my pro ssid it works but I am on another Lan . It look like lan1 interface doesn’t want to give up ip address to my wifi client. Any idea ? Please thanks. 
  • @Zyxel_Emily Thanks I will try to flash this firmware today and wait at my client. Thanks again CcHuMi
  • Hi there, I have a problem with the wifi of a client . After an undeterminated time it asked me wifi password but it's not working. If I reboot my USG20W VPN it works again.... How can I isntall the firmware that solve this issue ? Thanks
  • Hi thanks for your answer. This is what i have understand but i cannot do that because i am not the network administrator, they just asking me to configure the vpn. So I can't change the network subnet on the remote side. I can change subnet on my home side but the VPN is needed for VPN nomade users so they could encounter…
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