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  • @Stexxe, Port isolation might be an option on your requirement. However, this feature will block all ports of communication except for the uplink port. For "TAG EGRESS MEMBER", it means that this port will send out VLAN tag. D,
  • Hello, I saw that your post has been answered from the same post. Firmware — Zyxel Community Peace,
  • Hi there, Basically, I won't reset the switch at the beginning. I'll do some testing on the end devices first, like directly connecting the win10 to NAS (do ping test or transfer a file), and what about the other devices connected to 1Gig, does it also have the slow problem? Sorry, just curious, how did you determine that…
  • Hi Jonas, At last, the link is up now. Thanks for the answer. Just wondering, why it cannot be configure on Nebula? D,
  • Hi, Agree, same here, after I've upgrade to the latest firmware my NSG100 works fine now. Because I found out that my ISP is a using VLAN tagged and only the latest version support to specify VLAN ID. Peace
  • Hi @Black_Hotrank , 我也在使用台灣之星,我下載Nebula APP & 使用的狀況都沒有問題。 會不會跟設備還有版本有關係? 我是IPhone 6S+, v13.3, 都正常. Shadow~
  • Hello, As I know Nebula device only needs to be registered in the Nebula Cloud then after connecting to the internet its good to go. This is the link for reference on how to register. But never heard of any software, are you referring to standalone mode? Peace, Shadow
  • Hi, It seems to me that all you need to set is simply "manual" and IP address. Peace.
  • Hello, I've encountered the same issue once, but as I recall there is a Link in the warning page that says "That the device has already been registered blablabla. ( pardon me I don't exactly remember written in the warning page😁)" After entering the link, you will need to fill up some information. Then the administrator…
  • Hello, You've mentioned that all cables are CAT6, I'm not quite sure but you can try to make a test by using CAT5e cable. Maybe there is some incompatibility between CAT6 and GS1900. Peace
  • @Quality_Drive_Away You should be able to connect to the IP interface of GS1920-8HP and the username/password will be the configuration from Nebula in the General Settings.
  • Hello @Dloy, Ohh~~ Based on the user guide if the SYS LED keeps on blinking, it means that the device is still rebooting. In the current situation, if the vendor is unreachable I think we should wait for the Zyxel support for now. As you mentioned GS1900-24E doesn't have a console port for troubleshooting. Peace~~
  • @Dloy According to your description, it is very odd coz you mentioned that you can see the login page but the port LED is not light up... You can try to press the reset button in the front panel again for about 10 seconds to force the switch to reboot to default, then check if it can solve the problem. For the port LED…
  • Hello, I think you can connect a PC and use ZON utility to discover your switch, at the same time you can also verify if the switch is normally boot up. If ZON failed to discover the switch. I suggest to refer the userguide and check the sys led status. Peace~
  • Hi Guys, I had this problem in the beginning also. I've tried to upgrade my GS1900-16 via web UI and I've got this error message below. And after I've disabled the firewall settings on my operating system then I'd successfully upgrade my GS1900-16 to the latest version. COOL! But for the ZON utility, I don't have much time…