• yes, all Aps are powered by POE
  • gentlemen, at other times the ports look like this: 2 Sep 19 14:35:30 DE interface: Port 15 - AP-P15 link up 3 Sep 19 14:35:26 DE interface: Port 15 - AP-P15 link down 4 Sep 19 14:35:15 DE interface: Port 15 - AP-P15 link up 5 Sep 19 14:35:08 DE interface: Port 15 - AP-P15 link down 6 Sep 19 14:32:22 DE interface: Port 16…
  • @PeterUK @Fred_77 Thank you all I managed to create the rule and the ping is working.
  • @PeterUK That's right for some reason I was wrong when talking about LAN at some point, but it's a WAN. And it's on WAN2. I'm still learning to configure some things. How should I create this rule?
  • To facilitate the IP they are trying to ping here is this one:
  • @PeterUK The fixed IP of my internet here is 192.141.xx.xx; A NU was placed that receives the fiber optic cable and sends the signal to the Firewall. When they try to ping this IP for monitoring, the firewall blocks it and they get no ping response. They are out of my network. They are external. I've tried everything but…
  • @Fred_77 forgive me, I forgot to say that the client is external, outside my network.
  • @Fred_77 You almost got the ip right: is on LAN2 and the company just wants to ping that ip, but they can't because the firewall is blocking it. I enabled PING in the services option because it was disabled and it still didn't work they still can't ping their equipment.
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