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  • Hi Stew good question =) actually I think this is quiet difficult as there is no way to install it upside-down. Another possibility would be to install the AP in the first floor upside-down on a sideboard or something like that. Then it may covers the first and second floor.
  • Hi there I enabled DCS and it made things even more worse, the RSSI dropped by around 4dbm and I had more noise. Going back to fixed channels improved the situation a bit. Fortunately I could take to my neighbour whos Wifi was on 80mhz and on max. power output. He changed the channel width to 40Mhz and also set a fixed…
  • okay, will do that. I configured DCS schedule each morning at 06:00 AM. Do I understand correctly that DCS client aware ( I didnt activate that) would avoid that the APs are looking for new channels if clients are connected? If so, my APs would never check for new channels as I have clients (smart home devices) that are…
  • Hi Bella thanks for your quick reply. The PC in the second floor is exactly under the AP which is installed on the ceiling (concrete). The vertical distance is between PC and AP is around 1.5 meters. What I dont understand is that the signal on the PC is around -62dbm to -70dbm and I get around 110 Mbits with a speedtest.…
  • Hi Bella Thanks for your quick reply. I did some research and it seems that mac OS roams when the signal is below -70. Initially I thought the problem would come from the NWAs, but it doesnt seem so. I configured mac OS to choose the strongest Wifi-signal and as for now it seems to help. If I run into future problem I…
  • Hi Freda Many thanks, just ordered another NWA1123-ACv2 ;)
  • Hi Charlie Thanks for your quick reply. What about the ATP100? I am asking the question because it has slighter better performance. I would go for the whole license package on both devices.