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  • Hello I was finally able to access the interface of the USG 20 routerI was able to update the firmware firmware download from website (released date: 2016-11-22) however, I did not find the latest firmware because I have another router that already has the latest version (released date: 2016-11-30) I found this link which…
  • I connected in serial but I can't log it because it asks me for a user name and password,
my credentials are not working

same in ssh

However, here is the message I get when I log in

ALERT!!image filesystem usage: 99%12K 
  • hello thanks for the reponse it's surprising that it's activated because I'm the only one to connect to it and I was still accessing the interface a few weeks ago Is it possible to check with the serial console if authentication is enabled?
 Is it possible to do this over ssh?
  • hello here are the recommandations for using dante So You're Adding Dante to your Network? | Audinate | Dante Pro AV Networking is the gs serie is able to handle this ?
  • Hello
here are the recommendations for using DANTE at the network level
is the GS series able to handle this? So You're Adding Dante to your Network? | Audinate | Dante Pro AV Networking
  • hello here are the recommendations, can the GS series respond to this Dante uses the UDP protocol for audio distribution, both unicast and multicast.

- Bandwidth usage is approximately 6 Mbps per basic unicast audio stream (containing 4 channels and 16 audio samples per channel).
 Streams are…
  • hello!! Ultimately
after an update then a reset

the switch works again
  • hi, ok it's good ! can you tell me more about the différent pages (,is there a doc? how could you also limit the flow on lan2 ? version firmware is 4.35 , it's time to update!
    in vlan Comment by baudetd September 2022
  • hello

I will test it and come back to you with a conclusion
  • hi! this is ZyWall USG20 I found the solution ! by making the browser compatible

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