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  • Hi Art, Few questions: 1. Which firmware version is your SBG3300 using? 2. I would like to confirm the type of VPN you would like to use, is it L2TP VPN or L2TP over IPsec VPN? 3. Is the VPN server also running on an SBG3300? 4. Could you please take a screenshot of the L2TP VPN page (VPN > L2TP VPN) so that I can check…
  • Hi Mik, 

 Could you please take 2 screenshots, one on your port forwarding settings and the other on your home page? Regards, Bob
  • Hi 5LoA, No, there's no command for "reboot". One of the commands that might be relevant is to reset the LTE7240 to default, "sys atcr reboot". Regards, Bob
  • Hi JanneS, Neither option is available on the GUI. Is there any problem with your LTE3301-PLUS? Regards, Bob
  • Hi Anekrasov, I just sent you a message with an official account. Please check your inbox. Thank you. Regards, Bob
  • Hi Anekrasov, Could you please take a screenshot of the LTE Modem Status page (Monitor > LTE Modem Status) 3 minutes after you power on the LTE3301-M209? Could you please go to Network Scan page, select the mode to "manual", and start the scan? I would like to know whether a manual scan would display your service…
  • Hi Kerray, Does it mean that the LTE7460 would reboot the whole unit every 5 minutes or in a short time interval? Regards, Bob
  • Hi Kerray, From your descriptions I think that the issue is attributed by the cell deployment and the LTE7460's design. First, when the site is crowded, the service quality within each cell degrades. It not only affects the coverage where the cell can serve but also the downlink and uplink speed. It might be better if…
  • Hi Gmyz, Thanks for the confirmation. Regards, Bob
  • Hi Kerray, Could you please confirm the following questions? 1. Is your LTE7460 firmware version V1.00(ABFR.4)C0? 2. When the LTE7460 disconnects from the network, could it reconnect automatically without any manual intervention (e.g. a reboot)? 3. Does the issue happen from the very beginning when you start using the…
  • Hi Pudyanto, Unfortunately you have to reset the device. You can open the case and press the reset button for 10 seconds. It takes about 1 minute to reset the device. From the image below, the reset button is at where the pin stands. Regards, Bob
  • Hi Yanduin, Could you please check with your service provider about the correct APN profile settings? I test my LTE3302 with an incorrect APN profile for my SIM card and I find the same logs on my unit as yours. If it'd be not easy to check with your service provider, maybe you can start with the following settings:…
  • Hi Renat, As you mentioned that you checked the LTE connection on another modem, could you please also check the signal indicators on that modem? It'd be good if there's a screenshot featuring the signal; if the signal is good on that modem, I would also like to ask you to enable "roaming" on the Management WAN page. Thank…
  • Hi Renat, Could you please configure the network type to 4G only and enable the supported 4G bands to a single one each time when you test the 4G connectivity? From the following webpage, Beeline includes band 3, 7 and 20's networks. I would like to know whether…
  • Hi blitzkopf, I don't know whether the WAH7706 would turn off in either event, but I'd suggest not to charge the WAH7706 in car because the power supply in vehicle is not as stable as regular indoor power supply. Also, I'd suggest not to consume the power but charge the device at the same time. If you're using the device,…