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Hi everyone! Hopefully someone has experience with this LTE router and can help me get a working connection on it.<br><br>The router is successfully picking up the correct network, submitting the correct username, password, and number. After this, it fails to obtain a lease.<br><br>Has anyone got any solutions or advice? Thanks!<br><br><img alt="" src="">


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    Hi Yanduin, 

    Could you please check with your service provider about the correct APN profile settings?

    I test my LTE3302 with an incorrect APN profile for my SIM card and I find the same logs on my unit as yours. 

    If it'd be not easy to check with your service provider, maybe you can start with the following settings: 
    Scenario 1 Configure the "Dial-Up Profile" to "Manual" and leave the APN profile blank

    Scenario 2 Configure the "Dial-Up Profile" to "Manual" and set the APN as "", both Account and Password as "dublin".



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    Thanks so much for the advice, Bob.

    I had previously tried autodetection, and I had tried manually entering the APN with passwords of 'vodafone' and 'vodafone', which were provided by the operator.

    When i followed your advice of marking the provider as 'Other', with no other details, it worked straight away. You're a scholar!
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    As long as the gateway supports “multi-WAN fail-over”, you can just connect the Zyxel LTE3302 Series to an existing gateway and set LTE as the fail-over WAN. And also you may refer Router Login guide and then try using your LTE router. It might help you in resolving your issue.

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