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  • Hello,

    I wrote mail to their support center, they said it is a bug and going to fix it now. Thank you very much for everything you
  • Yes, address/group object is what I meant. It is great it is on the way. I am looking forward the new system coming soon.

    Thank you for the attention!

  • Hello~

    Besides making the source/destination host/group addresses as alias/nickname, if it can have a check box to disable or enable the rule would be perfect!
  • The rules were as below:
    rule1 , app_deny; protocol:any ; src:any , dst:any ; ALWAYS
    rule2,        deny ;  protocol:any ; src:someIP , dst:any ; SPECIFIC_PERIOD

    The rule1 worked and blocked some apps traffics as I wanted, but pa…
  • Hello~
    I set application patrol to drop some application like facebook etc, and made source/destination port/address, schedule as any. 

    Following an application patrol in firewall, I set deny some ip address from accessing internet i…
  • Hello~

    I set firewall rule allowed everything, and then set a content filter to block some categories and then made * in black list.

    I tried, but still able to see the web site. Does it mean the co…
  • The TEST URL bottom is unusable when I input the html address.

    How can I know if the content filter is working? 
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your help!

    I checked my NSG50 firmware is up to date. Please check the images I attached. Is my setting correct?

  • Thank you very much for your help!

    Are you having a plan to make source/destination host/group address as alias names adding somewhere in NCC, so we can clearly set in the firewall rule? IP address is very hard to remember....
  • I removed all the list and remade it. It works!

    Thank you very much!!
  • Thank you very much!

    I tried allow all in the firewall rule and made one web address: * as black list, but I am still able to access the facebook page.

    Did I need to tick all the categories before making the black …
  • Should I fill in source and destination port, or just leave them "any"? 

    Could you advise the security flows priority? If I wanted to disable everything but only allowed some specific web sites, then I set deny everything from every sourc…
  • Thank you very much!

    There are several controls in NSG, firewall rules, application patrol and content filtering, what is the flow of priorities?

    I set an application patrol for instant messengers in "add application window and…
  • I have met so many problems. I wondered if there is firmware to fix it? Will the NCC upgrade the firmware automatically?
  • The client still got the previously dynamic ip address, not the designated IP I set in the static DHCP table.

    The strange thing is that I disabled the DHCP function in the interface, the client still got the IP.

    I made the DHCP…

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