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roy Posts: 19  Freshman Member
edited April 14 in Nebula
I have been working on my new NSG50 for several days, but didn't work out. 

There are so many problems I can't solve. A thing I feel it is quite basic is static DHCP table. 

I don't want to mention the interface the NCC provided is so bad, I keyed in the MAC addresses to the table, but result is client computer still get dynamic ip address, not the one I made for them.

If I can't get the the ip address, I can't set the firewall rule for them......

Furthermore, this firewall rule setting is so so basic.... I know what I bought this one is the basic kind, but this was far from my basic expectation....

I'd like to ask some experts, have you met this issue? How to solve it?


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  • roy
    roy Posts: 19  Freshman Member
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    I removed all the list and remade it. It works!

    Thank you very much!!

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  • roy
    roy Posts: 19  Freshman Member
    The client still got the previously dynamic ip address, not the designated IP I set in the static DHCP table.

    The strange thing is that I disabled the DHCP function in the interface, the client still got the IP.

    I made the DHCP ip pools from, pools 20, but the client got

  • roy
    roy Posts: 19  Freshman Member
    I have met so many problems. I wondered if there is firmware to fix it? Will the NCC upgrade the firmware automatically?
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