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  • Have you try to reset NBG6615 to the default settings and try workaround again? I think you may need to reset them to try again.
  • How do you know the device do not save the date and time? Is it possible the client do not get the IP address from root router? Does the device work normal before? Have you done any change on the settings? You can check the root router and if there is the new firmware, then upgrade it and try again, also you can check…
  • You can check your permission settings on the folder, maybe there is some restrict on the file
    in NAS 542 Comment by Mel October 2020
  • There is no such issue to my NAS and PC. Can you share the screenshot of file browser and windows explorer?
  • It seems like your HDD2 may have some problems. Normally, the value of 5,197,198,199 should be 0 like HDD1. From your screenshot, the value of 197,198 on HDD2 are not 0. Therefore, I think you can change a new HDD and try again.
  • Have you checked the detail information for HDD in SMART? or could you provide the screenshot the the detail information for HDD in SMART?
  • I think the main difference is that "Copy" can create a new folder for your new files and also keep the old files at the same time and "Sync" will replace the old files with new files. Therefore, if you want to keep the old files, I suggest using "Copy" and create a new folder for the new files.
    in NSA310 Comment by Mel June 2020
  • I found this on the Internet and maybe it can help.
    in NSA310 Comment by Mel June 2020
  • Seems you can only do that in Windows PC. How's the performance with PLA5456?
  • Default folders admin, music, photo and video cannot be deleted, but you can disable it. But suggestions do not disable admin folder, the other three folders can. You can create own folder on root directory of internal volume.
  • @SEDI, V5.21(AATB.5)C0 is available on my NAS540, please check it again via "Check Now". Or you can download firmware file ( and update it manually. Official FTP:
  • Seems PLA5456 doesn't has utility for Mac OS. You can follow quick start guide to install PLA5456.
  • How about http://nas326? Do you enable HTTPS connection on NAS326? And make sure Server Name is NAS326.
  • Hi Mirolein, You can go to Control Panel > System > FW Upgrade > Latest Firmware Check to upgrade it or download FW and upgrade it manually at Manual Firmware Upgrade. (
  • Please try below steps to see if any help. 1. Enable Telnet or SSH on NAS542 and Telnet or SSH into NAS542 (user is 'root'). 2. Type 'cd /i-data/sysvol/.system/zy-pkgs/'. 3. Type 'wget'. 4. Go to NAS542's web interface > App Center and tap…