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  • speed
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    HDD 1

    HDD 2

  • Mel
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    It seems like your HDD2 may have some problems. Normally, the value of 5,197,198,199 should be 0 like HDD1. From your screenshot, the value of 197,198 on HDD2 are not 0. Therefore, I think you can change a new HDD and try again.
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    You can't simply replace that disk unless you have a good backup. You have a raid0 array, and so there is no redundancy. Replacing the disk won't bring back the volume.
    To get the volume back you'll have to do some extra work.
  • HMMZ
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    As Mijzelf wrote, replacing the disk implies losing all data existing on the RAID0 volume.

    Having access to it via ssh .... you should try unmounting the volume and run a filesystem check against it. As it is shown in the screenshot the disks status is shown good but the volume status is not good. I guess by the look of the first picture the volume it is also not mounted.

    You have restarted the system - this implies the operating system must have already ran a filesystem check and the result must be in the available logs.
    Try from terminal the dmesg command. Before running any commands make sure you log what you do - use a terminal program that allows logging and makke sure it is enabled the logging.

    To determine if it is mounted or not
    1. Run mount command. It should output something similar to this if any ext4 type filesystem is mounted:
    $ mount -l -t ext4<br>...
    /dev/sdb1 on / type ext4 (rw,relatime,seclabel,data=ordered)

    Further actions depend on actually what commands the user under which you login via ssh has access to and what it is available on the installed operating system.

    About mounting/unmounting filesystems and what the output of mount means:

    Commands to consider:
    e2fsck or fsck.ext4 or fsck - an fsck program that checks for and corrects inconsistencies

    Manual pages should be read and understood. The fsck command should first be run in read only mode.

    It is plenty of information on how to deal with your problem on the Internet. Take your time - if you need the data.

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