Zyxel NAS326: Can't share folders?

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First the "shortcomings". There are four predefined shares:

These cannot be changed. No name change, no deletion and at first it looked like you couldn't add any more.
Even under Windows, the "fascist" term that audio is music, bothers me ;-).
Who doesn't listen to music is mentally ill (many people think so, there are threads in music forums) O_o? Yes, I really don't listen to music :-:smile: .
As if there were no "audios". All music titles are audio, but not all audios are music ... In addition, not all pictures are "photos".
So I created a folder called "Audios", "Pictures" (tranlated) and "Videos" in "admin". The plural because I could not create a "video" share because "video" already exists.
However, I only noticed afterwards that I couldn't create shares of the created folders. If I create a share via "Shared Folders", it is not possible to specify a folder.
Instead, a "Videos" now appears in the "Root" of the NAS next to "admin, music, photo, video". Suddenly, "folders" can be added at this level. However, these are not real folders, only shares O_o.
So there are no "folders", "admin" or e.g. "photo"? What happens if I remove the hard drive, and e.g. connect to a PC? Where is the data or is there nothing displayed?
Is all data in the root of the HDD and it is only separated in the NAS in "admin, music, photo, video"?

And how or where can I share real folders in "admin"?
No, I don't just want to direct the satellite receiver (Enigma 2) to "admin", but to the folder "Videos" created in it. So that the satellite receiver creates and uses "movie" and "timeshift".

However, when I set up "Videos" as a share, I cannot specify a folder. Instead, a "folder" is simply created on the main level next to "admin, music, photo, video" (apparently it is not really a folder, just a share without a folder that there is such a thing ... O_o) "Videos" ...
On Windows, I right click on a disk and / or folder in it, and create a share.
But in the file browser, right clicks have no function (normal browser functions) and there are no options for folders.



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    Default folders admin, music, photo and video cannot be deleted, but you can disable it.
    But suggestions do not disable admin folder, the other three folders can.

    You can create own folder on root directory of internal volume.

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