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  • Dear all If you are unable to locate the 6.50P2 firmware on our website, you can download it by following the instructions for your specific AP model on this page. NWA110AX V6.50(ABTG.2) NWA210AX V6.50(ABTD.2) NWA220AX-6E V6.50(ACCO.2) WAX510D V6.50(ABTF.2) WAX610D V6.50(ABTE.2) WAX620D-6E V6.50(ACCN.2) WAX630S…
  • Hi @olansgzsid In general, "WiFi" and "wireless LAN" refer to the same concept: the transmission of data over a wireless connection using radio waves. However, when "WiFi" is used more specifically, it refers to a specific protocol, such as WiFi 1 through 6, which involves the development of products that adhere to a set…
  • Hi @saqib_s, I'm glad to hear that your issue has been resolved. We have now set the DCS to skip channels 1 and 2, so the AP will not change to those channels. You can keep this configuration, or if you find the noise-generating device in the future, you can adjust the DCS setting again Jay
  • Hi @Sjaak Here is the NWA-5123AC latest firmware. 610AAZY10C0.bin You can download this firmware. Here is the step you can upgrade the firmware by the local GUI Connect your computer to the AP using an Ethernet cable. Access the AP's web-based configuration page by typing its IP address into a web browser and logging in…
  • Hello @ms1 Thanks for your response, we have some suggestions for you to build the wireless bridge well.First, make sure NWA55AXE is online, check the POE power adapter light is blue, and please use our ZON tools to scan the NWA55AXE. If it works well, it will show on the list If your NWX55AXE are in standalone mode,…
  • Hi @saqib_s We help us set up the manual DCS and skip channels 1 and 2. We saw that your AP was on channel 8 yesterday. Please help us check if 2.4G devices have the same issue. On the other hand, channel 1 and channel 2 have a lot of noise, you can check if there is a microwave near the 2.4G devices or some interruptions…
  • Hi @saqib_s Thanks for your feedback. We've noticed that channels 1 and 2 are still experiencing noise issues. Can you let us know where your access points are currently located? We suggest placing them in the middle of the ceiling in areas where you often use 2.4 GHz devices. This will improve the performance of your…
  • Hi @cglavan First, AP gives the request to the cloud server by encryption transmission(TLSv1.2). And then the cloud server will exchange the key and give the AP the certification. AP will check this certification is trusted. They will send the data after these steps. The middlemen can't connect to the AP and Server by…
  • Hi @saqib_s 


We saw that the 2.4G utilization was too
high on 12/09. 


It could affect your 2.4G device usage. 

We suggest that you can adjust the 2.4
GHz channel deployment to “All available channels” 


And if you have the same problem in the…
  • Hi @mist Sorry, now we still need to ignore the Wizard setting so that you can adjust the SSID name by yourself.Our Wizard setting is designed for the beginner, so we want to make it easy fpr the beginner to configure the SSID setting. We fix the SSID profile and SSID security profile name and the same id SSID profile and…
  • Hi @ cglavan Here is the screenshot that we use Wireshark to capture the AP to NCAS packet. You can see that the packets are encrypted by TLSv 1.2. You can’t see the information without de-encapsulation. Because we don’t have a “GrapheneOS” device, we can’t test it for you. But all of our products will follow the security…
  • Hi @cglavan Now we will use the EAP-PEAP as phase 1 from devices to AP.And AP will transmit data via TLS as phase 2 from AP to NCAS.You don’t worry about the security with transmit dataAbout “Some devices already refuse to retain network settings due to the poor security”, if you have any actual cases, please share us. Let…
  • Hi @MaDa99 I'm sad that your Apple Support gives you the wrong answer.We have checked with Apple TW. And they said they will report the issue to Apple Germany Team.Unfortunately, they don't have any articles to explain the spec.To let you can understand easily, we compare the none-supported-6G Apple product spec and the…
  • Hi @MaDa99 Yes, all devices are based on IEEE 802.11ax, but the Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E protocols were created based on 802.11ax. Devices require hardware support to support 6G radios. Wi-Fi 6 product doesn’t have the hardware support to connect to 6GHz. We have checked with Apple TW Support.Now only iPad Pro (M2) (2022) can…
  • Hi @MaDa99 


IEEE 802.11ax is a protocol. 

Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E are based on 802.11ax
to produce. 

Wi-Fi 6E adds the 6G radio frequency, and devices require hardware support. 

So you need to check the product spec
supported Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax) 


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