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  • Hi @m7urt According to our experience from other users, for some IoT devices, its WiFi capability and security support may not work well. There are some settings that you can make some change to let your IoT devices connect more easily: Go to Nebula CC >> Access point >> SSID advanced settings, * Set your security options…
  • Hi @Otger For more clearly identify your case, we would like to know more about your SSID settings, ex: security options, 802.11k/v/r status (enable/disable). You may find it at: Nebula CC >> Access Point >> Configure >> SSID advanced settings Please also help me to check for the smart steering status. It is at: Nebula CC…
  • Hi @m7urt It’s happy to hear that no more disconnection happens again. From your screenshot, we know that some of your devices, which connected with “BLACKGATE-IOT”, its signal level is below -65 dbm. To maintain a better WiFi performance, it is recommended to place your device and AP become closer, then get your device…
  • Hi @swbrains May I know why you would like to increase the idle timeout? The AP will kick off the clients while the clients idle timeout, these may caused by various reason, ex: poor signal connection, authentication failed or others... We would like to know more details of idle timeout to identify the connection problem…
  • Hi @m7urt From your description, we know that your IoT devices often disconnected with your AP, and the SSID which IoT devices connecting with is active 24/7. Besides, we also know that your signal strength is good, may I know how is the signal level (ex: -XX dbm) of your IoT devices? You may check it at Nebula CC >>…
  • Hi @sLOVEnec Please help me to do a reset with the router, and check that is the firmware upgrade available. If the problem still assists, please enable the remote management and private message us your WAN IP and login password, we will help you to have a further check. Direction: Maintenance > Remote Management Kay
  • Hi @sLOVEnec The screenshot, that attached previously, just want to show you the firmware upgrade direction, if you have upgraded to the latest firmware, it will be showing, “Your firmware is up to date”. Sorry for making you have a misunderstanding. From your description, it seems that after the employee installing the…
  • Hi @sLOVEnec This issue problem
has been fixed at the latest firmware, so please
upgrade your NBG7510 firmware to the latest firmware V1.00(ABZY.2)C0. 

You may upgrade your firmware at the web
configurator > Maintenance > Firmware Upgrade Hi @tonygibbs16 

Thanks for your help! :) 

  • Hi @Infotest 


the smart mesh is compatible with all the Zyxel mesh AP. 


Here is an article
about Smart Mesh configuration for you to refer: 

[Nebula] How to extend wireless coverage by
configure smart mesh? — Zyxel Community 


Hope this…
  • Hi


There are some
reason that making your device can’t be discovered by Nebula. There are some
article for you to refer: [Nebula] What to do if the AP
is offline? — Zyxel Community 

Nebula device offline possible
reasons — Zyxel Community (Please refer to…
  • Hi @Infotest 


NWA1123Acv3 smart mesh function is only compatible with other Zyxel mesh AP. 


  • Hi @ Domee Thanks for your efforts. * We would like to have more details about your device information. Can you help me to check your laptop Window 7 version and the WiFi adapter version? * We would more prefer to look for the RSSI signal level rather than the speed rate. Please help me to use the Airport Utility again by…
  • Hi @Domee Since some older devices may not support 5GHz, once the bands merge, the older device might can’t see the SSID. From the network adapter that you mentioned, we found out that your network adapter only supports 2.4GHz band, by splitting 2.4GHz and 5GHz band, may help your device find out the 2.4GHz SSID. For other…
  • Hi
@Goncikas , 


is glad to hear you have solved your problem. 


If your topology was:
Virgin HUB – Switch – Linksys Mesh – PC 
Please make sure that the switch connecting with the WAN port(Internet Port) of
Linksys Mesh and PC connecting with the LAN…
  • Hi @DmitriyP I have already replied you on your another same post, please check. :) NWA50AX managment vlan — Zyxel Community Kay 
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