Zywall USG FLEX Series, ATP Series & VPN Series - V5.38Patch 0 Firmware Release

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Zywall USG FLEX Series, ATP Series & VPN Series Release Note 

April 2024

Firmware Version on all models

(Click the hyperlink to find the firmware file directly)

FLEX SeriesDownload linkATP SeriesDownload link

New Feature and Enhancements

S=Standalone mode, C=Cloud mode

Bug fixSC
1. [eITS#230800065, 230801657, 240100888]: ADP allow list support extend to include protocol anomaly.V-
2. Add last update time on SecuReporter Allow list table.V-
3. System protection log category change to system.V-
4. Not support certificate signed using weak hashing algorithm (Md5 or SHA1).V-
5. Cannot set the password to "1234" after the first login for "admin" account.V-
6. Adjust USG20(W)-VPN & USG FLEX 50 default SSL VPN active user to 15.V-
7. Update AP version to V6.70(.2)V-
8. The WBE660S is fully supported in this release. Introducing the WBE660S, a NebulaFlex Pro AP powered by cutting-edge WiFi 7 technology that comes with 3 management modes: standalone, controller managed and Nebula cloud managed modes.V-
9. Added more supported countries for WiFi 6E and WiFi 7 (6Ghz) models.V-
10. Boost GUI efficiency by optimizing handling of extensive access points and client data influx.V-
11. DNS Content Filter support Google/ YouTube/ Microsoft Bing Safe Search.-V
12. Support change to a different ISP (WAN fallback).-V

Bug Fix

S=Standalone mode, C=Cloud mode

Bug fixSC
1. eITS#230600172 a. Change wording of outing column in SNAT flow for Remote Access VPN.V-
2. eITS#230900510 a. Fix: VPN won’t rollback to the primary link when the primary link comes up.V-
3. eITS#231000331 a. Fix: Hotspot clients connectivity Issue.V-
4. eITS#231001935, 240201158 a. Fix: Certificate synchronization issue in HA Pro scenario.V-
5. eITS#231001977, 231201224 a. Fix: Shorten the booting up time in certain conditions.V-
6. eITS#231002090, 240201323 a. Fix: CAPWAP no response and AP disconnect from APC.V-
7. eITS#231002128 a. Fix: External IP Black list update fail on IPv6 address.V-
8. eITS#231002194 a. Fix: Device does not response to https/ssh/console access when using FQDN object in BWM.V-
9. eITS#231100767 a. Fix: ssl inspection doesn't work as expects due to abnormal memory usage.V-
10. eITS#231101460 a. Fix: Remove "MOVE" icon in ADP policies.V-
11. eITS#231101571 a. Fix release notes pop-up window resize issue.V-
12. eITS#231200559 a. Fix: Configuration synchronize issue when device ha role swap.V-
13. eITS#231200687 a. Enhancement: Cache memory recycling mechanism.V-
14. eITS#231200814 a. Fix: The tftp traffic can't get files from the tftp server through the VPN tunnel.V-
15. eITS#231201080 a. Fix: Web Authentication portal can’t popup when browsing the page via https.V-
16. eITS#231201250 a. Fix: SSH accessibility issue to XGS4600 when going through firewall.V-
17. eITS#231201383 a. Fix: LLDP packets can’t be sent out.V-
18. eITS#240100074 a. Fix: BWM malfunctioning when using vlan interfaces.V-
19. eITS#240100387 a. Fix: speedtest server select doesn’t work.V-
20. eITS#240101503 a. Enhancement: Add cli command to support “year” information in syslog.V-
21. eITS#240200401 a. Fix: Add "Responder Only" CLI for IPsec VPN. b. crypto map [CRYPTO_NAME] responder-only c. crypto map [CRYPTO_NAME] no responder-onlyV-
22. eITS#240200927 a. Fix: speedtest sometimes cannot get the result.V-
23. eITS#240200968 a. Fix: 2FA OTP mail can only be sent to 1 email account.V-
24. eITS#240201103 a. Fix: rip/ospf can’t work on VTI interface.V-
25. eITS#240201114 a. Fix: Content Filter Profile icon status incorrect.V-
26. eITS#240300167 a. Fix: Wording adjustment.V-
27. eITS#240300451, 240301211 a. Fix: Device reboots unexpectedly.V-
28. eITS#231201567 a. Fix: pppoe connection issue when multiple pppoe instances are configured-V
29. eITS#240201203 a. Fix: Device becomes unresponsive after losing connection to Nebula server.-V
30. Common vulnerabilities and Exposures: ZLD5.38 Patch0 is no longer vulnerable to the following CVE References:


Please refer to the Download Link for more details.

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