Zywall USG FLEX H Series - V1.20(ABZI.2) Firmware Release

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Zywall USG FLEX H Series Release Note 

June 2024

Firmware Version on all models

  • Please use the cloud firmware upgrade function to upgrade the USG FLEX H Series
USG FLEX H SeriesFirmware Version

For the initial installation of the USG FLEX H Series firewall, please using the firmware wizard to upgrade to uOS 1.08 Patch 1 firmware first, and then proceed with the upgrade to uOS1.10 firmware. The device becomes unreachable if you upgrade USG FLEX H directly from the factory default version to 1.10 P1 or later firmware version directly.

New Feature and Enhancements


Bug Fix

1. [Bug Fix] [eITS#240501707, 240501747] DHCP server doesn't work on VLAN interface.

2. [Bug Fix][eITS#240400401][ZNGA-4854] Where DHCP relay traffic was not being sent over the tunnel.

3. [Bug Fix][eITS#240401226][ZNGA-4891] CF profile reference display issue.

4. [Bug Fix][eITS#240401237][ZNGA-4892] Devices became unresponsive when modifying bandwidth management rules.

5. [Bug Fix][eITS#240401564][ZNGA-4926, 4965] Unclear service port conflict messages prevented configuration changes.

6. [Bug Fix][eITS#240500137][ZNGA-4971] The site-to-site tunnel could not connect when the pre-shared key included ' or ".

Please refer to the Download Link for more details.