Zyxel Marketplace Selling Models Matrix (2023 Dec.Updated )

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Zyxel Marketplace Selling Models Matrix

Auto-Activation: Auto Activate License on Device

Manual-Activation: Individual License Key Purchase

  1. Minimum firmware version 4.60 is required.
  2. Minimum firmware version 4.32 is required.
  3. Minimum firmware version 5.32 is required.

Last Updated: December 2023

License availability is subject to the latest pricing policy.


  • khidden
    khidden Posts: 1
    Why is this so difficult, I have been looking for a price for IDP and Anti Virus licenses for a half hour and just keep bouncing between different zyxel websites...  what a complete disappointment.
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  • Why is it not possible to retrieve transparent information about licence pricing for each device? This is very disappointing :(