VES1724-56 bridge mode

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Hi I am trying to put this switch into bridge mode to allow the DHCP server to handle addressing as the is a video on demand system on the network. I have VMG1312 modems which were set to DHCP but that was messing with the VOD system.
I have now set the modem to bridge mode and the switch to "Global" in IP management/DHCP
The modem shows it's connected but nothing gets an IP address.
What am I missing?


  • Nikki
    Nikki Posts: 27  Freshman Member

    Hi TIA,

    From your description, seems you changed VMG1312 to bridge mode, but what you mean switch to "Global" in IP management/ DHCP?

    In my experience, only need to configure vlan settings to match on both VES1724-56 and VMG1312. Then PC from CPE lan side should be ok to get the IP address from the dhcp server which connected to VES1724-56 uplink.

    Hope the information is useful.

    or maybe you could contact with your ISP or local distributor.


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