USG2200 UTM - why there is no LAG?

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Last couple of days im trying to migrate our USG1100 UTM config to a new USG2200 UTM. So far so well, but considering of additional ports I would like to aggregate some of the switch uplinks into the firewall. However I can't, because there is no LAG on USG2200 UTM. 

It's possible on USG310/1100/1900, but not on the top device. IMO it's a little shame, especially because delivery to the market was so many times delayed.

Obviously I knew about it from a datasheet before we bought it, so it's not a surprise, but I wonder why there is no LAG so far and when it will be implemented.

And funny thing at the end - in the guide in Port Group section there is screenshot of USG2200-VPN (not an UTM), but with LAG card :)

Thank you in advance and best regards.


  • Zyxel_Jerry
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    Hi @Mati ,

    There is some error on the image in handbook, we’ll correct it.

    We already have a future plan to release the LAG function on USG2200.

    It will be release in this year.

  • Mati
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    Hi Jerry,

    Thanks for your answer.

    Is there a chance that this will be a near future or maybe kind of the end of the year future?

    With only 2 10G ports LAG could be very useful with so many 1G ports in my opinion.

  • Zyxel_Jerry
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    Hi @Mati

    Thanks for your suggestion regarding to the LAG feature on USG2200.

    This feature on USG2200 will be released in 2020 (Q3 or Q4).

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