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21 June 2019 — To further improve “SecuReporter”, we developed Archive Logs Download. Starting from ZyWALL firmware release version ZLD 4.32, you can enjoy this great feature. 

SecuReporter now supports: 

 - Archive logs download 

ZyWALL series send the logs to SecuReproter for analytics. Log archiving is the process of moving ZyWALL logs that are no longer actively used to the cloud storage for long-term retention. Archive logs is important and must be retained for future reference or regulatory compliance.

How to Download?

In Logs>Log Download> Create Target, you can view a list of ZyWALL device logs

 1. Select the time period and then click Search button 

2. Tick the checkbox of desired logs and then click Create Target button

Note: SecuReporter will automatically delete all logs that are older than the length of the supported contract.

In Logs>Log Download> Download Target,

3.   Select the logs you want to download and the logs are in Ready To Download status

4.   Click Download Target button, then the zip files will be saved.

Download Private Date Mapping

If data protection policy of your device is Partially Anonymous, please also click Download Private Data Mapping button to help you map personal information with original log data. 

Firmware & Services

SecuReporter 30-day trial version ship with the following ZyWALL series:

Need Support?

If you want to learn more about SecuReporter, you may download the user’s guide from:

• Product Material Downloads

• Download Library

• SecuReporter Dashboard > Help > Online Documents

Or you can post your questions on our Zyxel Biz Forum > Security Forum and share your user experience with us. Visit us at:

To access SecuReporter Portal:


  • chandan
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    How to view the downloaded logs from the secureporter?
  • Zyxel_Emily
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    Hi @chandan,

    You can use Notepad++ to view the downloaded log.

    Click this link to start:

  • chandan
    chandan Posts: 72
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    Hello @Zyxel_Emily,

    Thanks for the first reply.
    I have already tried this. But honestly notepad + + is not user friendly to study the logs from the zyxel firewall.

    Need a user friendly viewer to review the logs (like alerts, notice, etc.)
    If zyxel has no any specific application developed for this, kindly accept the suggestion to view the logs properly.
    Or else you can suggest any other third party freeware application for this specific purpose.

    Thank you
  • jasailafan
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    Found the information on secureporter online help guide.

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