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Hi, please can anybody answer my question, if internal command memory limiter is on FW4.39 on USG 110 ?

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    Hi @kyssling,

    The command "debug memory-limiter watermark" and 'debug show memory-limiter status" don't exist in firmware 4.38 and 4.39.

    We replace them with the following commands.

    Enhancement in V4.38: Add CLI commands for Memory conserve mode.


    show mem-conserve status

    [no] mem-conserve activate

    [no] mem-conserve

    [no] mem-conserve _page-order <0..10>

    [no] mem-conserve av-bypass rising-threshold <1..4000>

    [no] mem-conserve av-bypass falling-threshold <1..4000>

    [no] mem-conserve av-bypass sustained-time <1..60>

    [no] mem-conserve utm-bypass rising-threshold <1..4000>    => When memory returns back to this value, UTM is on automatically.

    [no] mem-conserve utm-bypass falling-threshold <1..4000>  => When memory is less than this value, UTM is off automatically.

    [no] mem-conserve utm-bypass sustained-time <1..60>         => How frequently the memory usage is checked.

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    Very thanks for information ! Cany you please answer me two question ?

    1) Is any fresher guide than :

    2) It is possible to replace commands with new "mem-conserve"
    debug memory-limiter drop-cache-periodic 60
    debug memory-limiter watermark 10000
    debug memory-limiter activate

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