any plan to update Secuextender for Windows

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Hi zyxel

Are there any plans to make improvements to secuextender on windows?
At the moment it works, but the followin points are a problem to me and my customers:
- the performance is really not comparable to an openvpn/ipsec/ implementation
- no reconect of the vpn session
- tcp as protocoll
- lack of 2FA wit OTP for Users

Do you have any plans to improve this, or add another SSL VPN technology on your device?


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  • triJRO
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    I'd also welcome some updates to the current SecuExtender client and ssl connection in general. I'm currently rolling out a OpenVPN alternative via a synology server that has a lot higher throughput compared to the SSL VPN connection. It'd be nice if the dedicated VPN device in the network would perform at least on par compared to other solutions.