Switch GS1900-8HP HELP HELP HELP !!!

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I have a great problem with myself I can not help myself. I have 3 switches zyxel gs1900-8hp, purchased under ip monitoring. Unfortunately, switches only detect (8 ports in total) 4 IP cameras and port for DVR / laptop. When I plug the fifth ip camera, the switch does not detect it. But when I break any stone from the already stuck, the camera is not working before - it works.

I'll add that the power consumption is 10w out of 70 possible and that all cameras are working and have their IPs put on. help



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    Hi @Elvis,

    Do all three switches have the same issue that when plugging the fifth PD, the switch wouldn't detect it?

    How much power do your PD(IP camera) need from the PoE switch?

    You may go to "Monitor -> Port -> PoE" to see the total usage of the power. 

    or you may also go to "Configuration -> Port -> PoE -> Port" to see the usage power per port.

    You may share your screenshot here, it will be helpful by the way. :smile: