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Hi There,

I have tried resetting my VMG3925-B10B amd tried to login with admin/1234, admin/admin, admin/password and none work. I have tried holding reset down repeatedly, but I seem to always get the same IP address. I tried also logging in as "user" who doesnt report as an invalid username, but user/user combintaion doesnt work.

Anyone have any ideas?


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    Hi Jimbo,

    Do you know your firmware version? Or your service provider?
    I found you have different posts, if login is no problem, I think other posts will be solved. 
  • Jimbo
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    Running standard Zyxel firmware: 

    Firmware Version       : V5.11(AAVF.3)C0
    Bootbase Version       : V1.53 | 03/08/2016 17:20:40
    Vendor Name            : ZyXEL Communications Corp.
    Product Model          : VMG3925-B10B
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    Hi Jimbo,

    In order to provide you with a better assistance, we contacted you through private message to get more information, please check your message box.

  • Jimbo
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    Thanks for the message, though I now no longer require the assistance.

    After I upgraded to 5.13, it still wouldnt log in, I upgraded 5.11 with both bin and rom files in the FW directory by FTP, and this time it allowed the upgrade to complete successfully and also allowed the pasword to reset. I could then upgrade to 5.13

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