How to route Home Office VPN traffic to another B2B VPN tunnel

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I have following question:

I have 2 separate and working VPN tunnels
- one VPN tunnel from Office to Customer (O2C)
- one VPN tunnel from Home to Office (H2O)

At office we use Zyxel USG 20W VPN.

Now I would like to be able to access customer's network from home while redirecting the traffic to customer's servers over both 2 tunnels.
If I activate routing of the whole local traffic over H2O tunnel, then I have access to Office infrastructure and also to Internet over Office IP.
But I still can not access the servers on the customers side over O2C tunnel.
Looks like calls to internet are automaticall forwarded to wan, but calls to O2C tunnel not.

Do you have any idea how should I configure the USG at office to enable such kind of redirection in case I access customer's vpn from home VPN?

Thank you in advance.

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    This should help
    Knowledge Base | Zyxel
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    Thanks, I've solved the problem, adding an additional Policy Route on Office USG which redirects all traffic comming from VPN Home users towards customers destination to Customers VPN using its tunnel as a "next hop"

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