GS-108B v3 and gigabit not working

This is my problem:
Router with speed 1Gbps --> switch D-link --> PC goes to 1Gbps
same router --> switch D-link --> switch zyxel GS-108B v3 --> same PC with same cable goes to 100M/100M
Any idea?

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  • PeterUK
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    check your NIC has EEE Energy Efficient Ethernet or green power off 
  • Zyxel_Adam
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    Hi @Franco_Marconi,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!
    As @PeterUK mentions that you may check your NIC of PC/laptop to see if EEE or GreenEthernet feature is enabled.
    If so, our switch lower down your link speed for saving power.

    To resolve the issue, please disable it on NIC of your PC/laptop.

    Let me know if you have any concern.


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  • Thank you both :-)

    problem solved and shame on me for not checking that
  • PeterUK
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    Good to know it works at 1Gb now

    The speed link likely downgraded due to the quality of the cable or length.