Policy route to wan via specified wan

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We use USG 1100 with 2 wan interface in trunk. Added policy route for ipsec with other office via vpn gates and to wan via trunk.
Now need to add special routes for some device via specified wan. I add policy route, in interface set interface with device, set device address, set next hop is needed wan interface. Destination haven't option wan-zone. So i set any. And device route to wan via specific wan, but don't see remote office via ipsec.
How can i set policy route for the device only to wan zone, to ipsec via standart routes?


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    if i understood correctly, you want to route or balance IPSEC VPN traffic to specific WAN.

    You must use VTI!


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    Hi @alexey,
    You have to create another policy route for site to site VPN connection.
    Incoming interface = ge3
    Source                 = ge3 local lan subnet
    Destination           = Remote site lan subnet
    Next Hop              = Site to Site VPN connection.
    Prioiry                  = This policy route rule proiority must higher than other policy route

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