Unable to register USG210

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We have taken over the support of a Zyxel USG210 but when I tried to add it to our Zyxel Portal I get the following error message "device has already been registered". I have followed these instructions but get the same error.


I would appreciate any help for this. Thanks

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  • CHS
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    You can try to login to MyZyxel first, and then click URL on device.
    It will auto fielded serial number and MAC address. It  should no problem to register to your account.
  • elkrust
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    I am afraid that didn't work.
  • elkrust
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    CORRECTION - I have just tried this again with Firefox on my Mac that I have set up in private browsing mode and it has actually worked. I was able to re-register the unit to myself. It could have been a caching issue with Safari on my Mac. Thanks for your help.

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