[Bug USG210] After upgrade lost of modified DCHP settings

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- In FW slot 1 I have V4.65(AAPI.1).
- I made there different DHCP modifications like setting DHCP from server to relay, deleting static addresses and add some IPv6 DHCP stuff.

- In FW slot 2 I uploaded V4.70(AAPI.0) and rebooted.
- After reboot I have lost these modifications and it seems that I got all DHCP settings from the previous configuration in FW slot 2.

I also checked both config files from slot 1 and slot 2 with a diff tool. And indeed the only differences was these DHCP settings.

I have expected that settings are taken over from one slot to another while upgrading.

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    Just wanted to note what I had discussed with support by mail:

    The USG is syncing the conf files exactly at the point when you upload a firmware to a slot. If you don't restart the new firmware in the new slot immediately you will lost the changes between upload and restart.

    In my case I have done the restart some days later. That's the reason for the lost.

    Hope this will help somebody with the same problem and thanks for the support.

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    Hi @FrankLauer,
    Device would not sync configuration all the time, it only sync at the first time when you update firmware.
    e.g.  the running partition is slot 1, and we update firmware on slot 2 without reboot.
    After firmware update process, it only bring the configuration from slot 1 to slot 2 during firmware update process, which means if you modify any settings in slot 1 after firmware update. it would not sync to slot 2. That's why you can see the difference.

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    Hello FrankLauer , it's unusual that the current settings would have been purged from the xxx.config file .

    :s I will say in the past that ofcourse that we have certainly 'lost' current setting from one firmware switch to another using your technique above. :'(

    However the settings are usually there on one of the config files.   B)

    You might start with looking at the existing conf files you have on you the usg210 appliance by logging into the router (ssh) and doing this:

    dir /conf/

    In this example usg110 below, there's a bunch from way way back.. all ok ..

    ( :s Sadly the 'code' formatting in this zyxel web site is dreadful (bloody awful!).. so here is the text as best as I might put it in a block.. but is wont format  :'( )

    Router> dir /conf/
    File Name                                                                                                                       Size     Modified Time

    system-default.conf                                                                                                             72473    2021-12-08 06:11:05
    startup-config.conf                                                                                                             164214   2021-12-12 20:34:15
    lastgood.conf                                                                                                                   166424   2021-12-08 06:15:04
    autobackup-0.00.conf                                                                                                            105067   2017-05-09 16:13:30
    lab-usg110-01_2020-08-01.conf                                                                                                           150887   2020-08-01 15:34:14
    lab-usg110-01_2020-09-13.conf                                                                                                           153917   2020-09-13 09:11:26
    lab-usg110-01_2017_may_26.conf                                                                                                          104473   2017-05-26 17:56:06
    lab-usg110-01_2017_may_11_V4.25.conf                                                                                                    104430   2017-05-11 13:44:47
    lab-usg110-01_2017_may_29.conf                                                                                                          104652   2017-05-29 17:37:07
    lab-usg110-01-2017_julu_31.conf                                                                                                         106212   2017-07-31 13:23:35
    lab-usg110-01_2017_aug_01.conf                                                                                                          105931   2017-07-31 18:40:41
    lab-usg110-01_2017_aug_03.conf                                                                                                          104950   2017-08-03 21:36:57
    autobackup-4.32.conf                                                                                                            123123   2019-04-13 18:19:33
    lab-usg110-01_2019_may_08.conf                                                                                                          125932   2019-05-08 15:49:50
    lab-usg110-01_2019-may-16.conf                                                                                                          126183   2019-05-16 10:56:30
    lab-usg110-01_2019_Jun_13.conf                                                                                                          126456   2019-06-14 18:04:32
    lab-usg110-01_2019_june_15.conf                                                                                                         128699   2019-06-15 14:24:33
    lab-usg110-01_2019-June-24.conf                                                                                                         129155   2019-06-24 15:21:05
    lab-usg110-01_2019-july-04.conf                                                                                                         134029   2019-07-04 00:11:19
    lab-usg110-01_2019-july_05_ospf.conf                                                                                                    135317   2019-07-05 19:41:06
    lab-usg110-01_2019_july-30.conf                                                                                                         136955   2019-07-30 12:55:47
    lab-usg110-01_2019-oct-01.conf                                                                                                          138756   2019-10-01 14:25:42
    lab-usg110-01_2020-03-26.conf                                                                                                           144745   2020-03-26 19:37:08
    lab-usg110-01_2020-04-02.conf                                                                                                           146596   2020-04-02 21:57:08
    lab-usg110-01_2020-04-23.conf                                                                                                           146861   2020-04-23 19:08:36
    435AAKY3-2020-04-25-05-16-34.conf                                                                                               146861   2020-04-25 05:16:34
    lab-usg110-01_2020-05-12.conf                                                                                                           147384   2020-05-12 13:54:47
    435AAKY3-2020-08-14-05-11-28.conf                                                                                               151004   2020-08-14 05:11:28
    lab-usg110-01_2020-09-20.conf                                                                                                           156037   2020-09-20 12:14:45
    439AAKY0-2020-12-31-13-17-09.conf                                                                                               158278   2020-12-31 13:17:09
    autobackup-4.39.conf                                                                                                            158278   2020-12-31 14:13:28
    lab-usg110-01.2020-12-31_no_overide_policy_routes.conf                                                                                  159893   2020-12-31 16:21:59
    460AAKY1-2021-01-26-05-28-52.conf                                                                                               162716   2021-01-26 05:28:52
    lab-usg110-01_2021-03-11.conf                                                                                                           163652   2021-03-11 12:20:53
    autobackup-4.62.conf                                                                                                            164722   2021-07-14 13:55:14
    465AAKY0-2021-08-26-05-21-12.conf                                                                                               165209   2021-08-26 05:21:12
    465AAKY0-2021-11-09-05-10-53.conf                                                                                               165198   2021-11-09 05:10:53
    lab-usg110-01_2021-11-27.conf                                                                                                           165193   2021-11-27 07:34:54
    autobackup-4.70.conf                                                                                                            166432   2021-12-08 06:13:01
    lab-usg110-01_2019-dec-19.conf                                                                                                          141095   2019-12-19 17:47:07
    autobackup-4.35.conf                                                                                                            145662   2020-03-08 11:48:37
    lab-usg110-01_2020-03-20.conf                                                                                                           145724   2020-03-20 17:09:59

    You may prowl around and upload a couple of the last conf files you have.

    Our practice:
    is to always
    1.  save a new conf file prior to upgrading any formware.. (hindsight is  wonderful human characteristic ofcourse  :#
    2. copy that .conf file to an external host as a contingency 

    You could look for these file names, copy them, rename them and uplaod them and restart on your previous firmware to make sure that those settings are there.

    These files might look like:

    • system-default.conf
    • startup-config.conf
    • lastgood.conf
    • autobackup-0.00.conf
    • 465AAKY0-2021-11-31-05-10-53.conf <--- this is auto made from V4.65 flavour firmware)
    or even one suffixed with a recent firmware name  data....  try them all and you will find that these settings may be there... see #5 above ..

    Hong Kong

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    Please send me your configuration file in PM. We would like to test firmware update from V4.65 to V4.70 based on your configuration file.
  • FrankLauer
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    Thank you both for answering.

    As far I see the problem as follows: On Dec 12th I upgraded the firmware. Before I made a custom backup of the last config file of FW 4.65 to my local disk. This is the header of the file:

    ! saved at 2021-12-12 02:03:06
    ! model: USG210
    ! firmware version: 4.65(AAPI.1)

    After upgrade in slot 2 to 4.70 the first file is: autobackup-4.65.conf. But in the header of this autogenerated file you can see a much older date. And this is the reason why I got an old configuration set.
    (Last change: 2021-12-12 11:00:25  size 112291)

    ! saved at 2021-12-07 15:49:34
    ! model: USG210
    ! firmware version: 4.65(AAPI.1)

    After saving the configuration in slot 2 for the first time to a custom file I got an identical file like the autogenerated file but with the new header of FW 4.70
    (Last change: 2021-12-12 11:04:53  size 112291)

    ! saved at 2021-12-12 11:04:43
    ! model: USG210
    ! firmware version: 4.70(AAPI.0)

    So I lost the modifications I made between 7th of Dec. and 12th of Dec. (But could restore manually.)

    Zyxel_Cooldia I will send you the 3 conf files by PM (without any additional comments). Thank you.

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