New owner of an GS1900-24 - Naming the ports

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UPDATE: RTFM! :-)   Found out how to do the naming part, but can it be shown in the main STATUS window when hovering the ports?

Finally got to the point in my life, where I got me a switch which can hold all my connections. Previously I've used a Dymo to print a label for each cable. Is it possible to give the ports names in the configuration, e.g. port 24 = Philips Hue Bridge, port 15 = Printer etc. and - most important - see it in the STATUS windows GUI?

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    Hi @3liasen ,

    Thanks for your input.
    I will transfer this thread to Idea section and monitor new comments and votes afterwards for evaluating reference.

  • I would also like to Opt-In on this idea. Having visible port names(on mouse hover) on the Virtual Device view would make the interface a lot more compelling. And as there is no new information to be saved it should be a really small change. 
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    Opt-in myself to. A 32 char label (alphanumerical, some special chars like - and , or . might be really useful. HPE don't provide the feature on all devices, unfortunately.
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    It would also be helpful if the port names were shown everywhere where ports are configured.
    E.g. "Configuration - Port - EEE" and "Configuration - Port - PoE" and "Configuration - QoS - General"